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  1. I listened to this while I was running today and not one, but several landscapers gave me funny looks for laughing out loud.
  3. Did I mention I lost power for 36 hours from Monday at 6:00AM until Tuesday at 6:00PM? I did. It was bad. Okay, that's all I have to say for now.
  4. Typically. But there are exceptions.
  5. This reflects very poorly on you and your sense of humor. Maybe fix that. Regards, Chanson
  6. You guys know I'm always first, right? Like, you can't beat me. Sad!
  7. chanson

    Episode 171 - Chris Bannon, Our Close Boss

    Coke Zero IS the cure for polio, idiots.
  8. chanson

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    Hayes is actually the unabomber. Confirmed?
  9. chanson

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    Oh, hi! It's me. Your pal, Chanson. What's up? How are things? Glad to hear it. K, good.
  10. chanson

    Episode 170 - The Wendigabrus, Our Close Friend

    More of this please.
  11. chanson

    Episode 168 - Will Greenberg, Our Good Friend

    I'm here now and just in time to be first!
  12. Hot take: I think Hayes AND Sean BOTH did really good at this live show AND I liked it AND I think it was good AND it made me laugh AND I enjoyed it. HOPE YOU CAN HANDLE THAT, AMERICA.
  13. chanson

    Episode 165 - Max Silvestri, Our Close Friend

    Hi, this is chanson, your friend... who you all like. Hi. Just saying hi.
  14. So blessed and humbled to be first AGAIN this week! Thank you, everyone! I also want to let you all know that the United States Constitution guarantees freedom of the press AS WELL AS freedom to drink zero-Calorie soda and that's a right that none of us should take for granted. Everyone go thank a soldier for protecting our zero-Calorie soda today.
  15. PS - I love my haters, you keep me relevant. I can't wait to be president!
  16. Feels good to be first again! This episode made me happy when I wasn't feeling happy. Thank you Sean and also thank you Hayes. The end.
  17. chanson

    Episode 161 - Ryan Stanger, Our Close Friend

    Looks like I'm first.... Pretty weird how I'm first literally every week. Sometimes I wait like three days to post something. C'mon people.
  18. The popcorn gallery it's time for it. IMHO
  19. You should really spend more time disciplining your grandchildren and less time letting them listen to podcasts.Your grandson doesn't even know me. Seems rude. Can't help but think that reflects on the adult authority figures in his life.
  20. Whenever Hayes or Sean say Seattle stuff, I know they're thinking about me. Don't think I didn't hear you say Kingdome, Hayes. I see what you're doing.
  21. Hello, it is I, Chanson, your benevolent overlord. Thursday is a special day for me that I am not looking forward to, but comes around once a year and is all about me. It may surprise you to know that one day is MORE about me than all the other ones. Your sense of surprise is understandable, but this day is coming on Thursday and there is nothing you can do to stop it.
  22. Hi, it's me, your friend Chanson. I still listen to this show and I actually LIKE it AND think it's good.