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  1. Stay strong Agata. I know the boys will be back together in no time.
  2. chanson

    Episode 247 — Guy Ritchie's Back

    Great work, Hayes!
  3. PS - I like Sean and Connecticut. For the record.
  4. These forums are getting really political. It's making me uncomfortable. #JetFuelCantMeltSteelBeams
  5. Herman Melville is no Sherman Alexie. Suck it, East Coast. PS - Sherman Alexie once said on public radio station KUOW when asked how much money he makes from book sales on Amazon (in reference to the Hachette/Amazon kerfuffle) "more than you do." And people thought it was charming... Weird, Seattle, really weird.
  6. Does the Creationism Museum count? They do have fantastical pieces of art...
  7. These pics are getting a little too avant-garde for my taste.
  8. First! It's crazy how I always get the first post.
  9. I should reserve this spot.
  10. Love you all... Especially Sean Hayes
  11. Also redacted #predictedthefuture #drunkpost #shoutouttoDevScoots
  12. PS - Real talk tho, stop being so bitchy... assholes. fuck you. #realtalk #downtoearth #jennyfromtheblock
  13. Saving this space for later.... you know how it is. Real estate prices are on the rise.
  14. chanson

    Who is your HH dream guest?

  15. Gotta reserve these spots early in case something good happens.
  16. Seems like I might want to write something here, too. Check back for more updates.
  17. chanson

    Who is your HH dream guest?

  18. Considering the price we paid for the pro-version (well into the hundreds of thousands of dollars), I feel like we should be allowed to listen to the episode we purchased in perpetuity for "free." I didn't read the 3,295 page contract I signed though, so it could say "fuck you, Chanson." In fact, it seems more likely than not that it did, now that I think about it. Love you Sean and also Hayes, keep being great and stuff!
  19. Whenever you think something I might want to write about has happened.
  20. I might write something here later, I'm just keeping my options open.
  21. Anyone who "drives truck" should be driving a Kenworth. I know Peterbilt is made by the same company, thanks. Chanson out.
  22. Chanson wasn't there at all. Any of you who saw him were hallucinating.