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  1. Is it good? I've never actually bothered to listen. I keep putting it on the old to-do list but I just never get around to it.
  2. It has to be Lincoln or Kardashian and I don't know which one... FUCK
  3. I'd like to see this happen please. Can someone do a kickstarter for this? If people will give money to some Kony 2012 movie they would definitely give money to see RanRan and Ronnie Hog fight. I mean they gave a ton of money to make a documentary about a guy who is committing genocide, watched it, and then did absolutely nothing about it, so one can only assume that these millennial types have some crazy bloodlust. #political
  4. There was a cartoon called Two Stupid Dogs just in case anyone forgot. Chanson out.
  5. Tom Scharpling, When they decided to name the Groundlings after you why didn't they call them the Scharplings?
  6. 15 minutes till Wednesday! I have a good feeling about tomorrow! I'm not expecting anything, just really think it's gonna be swell! PS - Feel kinda betrayed/confused by the t-shirts/reddit situation.
  7. Dearest Sean, Sorry I wasn't in your birthday video, I was busy hunting Cecil the lion helping the central bank fight inflation in Zimbabwe and was unfortunately unable to make a video. However, since my video in Hayes' birthday video was of Dreidel, I have attached an exclusive photo of Dreidel herself. I know she isn't a cat, but I was unable to get Cecil back to the US to have him mounted rescue a cat to take a picture of in time for your big day. Happy Birthday, Sean!
  8. PS - pretty sure this forum is on a watch list now. I mean, it should have been the whole time, but I guarantee it is now.
  9. Hey guys, Life update: Finally got a job at ISIS! Flying out to Syria tomorrow! Death to the infidels!!!!! Haha they have such a good marketing strategy. I can't wait to join their PR team. Their recruiter was kind of a dick, called me a great satan or whatever. Rude! I'm a christian, I don't worship satan... But they're offering a 5% match of 401k contributions and 3 weeks paid time off, so I couldn't say no.. PS -at least I'm not working for those fucking terrorists at Google.
  10. chanson

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    We don't do that. My gps does it and it pisses me the fuck off. Dear GPS, if you want me to go on Interstate 5, please say "Interstate 5"or "I 5" not "the 5" and if you want me to go on State Route 520, please say "State Route 520" not "the 520" ("Highway 520" is also acceptable). It also says "the Vashon Highway" when it's just "Vashon Highway" because it's not a limited access highway, it's just a normal road and also we don't put "the" in front of the name of a highway to indicate that it's a major thoroughfare... Fuck that shit. PS - Also when you say the numbers out you should make sure you say them right. Like 520 is "five twenty" for instance.
  11. I just realized that I want to hear a lot more about Hospital Bitch.
  12. chanson

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    I thought saying "the [number or acronym for highway]" without regard to the type of highway or highway system it belongs to was your thing.
  13. chanson

    The Massachusetts Memo Pad

    I went to Massachusetts one time. Also another time. Oh and another time. I think it was just the three times though. Could be more but definitely not less.
  14. gender politics. #controversial
  15. Lotta Seattle stuff in this episode. Also this Reddit situation is getting outta control again.
  16. This is one of my new favorite episodes. Great work, Sean and Hayes! Still love you guys and stuff. Probably won't ever get rid of me. Especially now that you guys know how to pronounce my name right. That took a few months but I'm glad we're past that. Feeling nostalgic today.
  17. Beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua beautiful Antigua When I hear about vacation destinations, there is only one place beautiful enough for me. PS - this is what we do now? Post before the episode is even out? In my day we were glad if the episode even got posted on the right day.
  18. Yes, no, yes, yes, respectively.
  19. No, but I'm glad the balloons I rigged up in your house worked! Ken Griffey, Jr. did fall from my ceiling though. I keep telling him not to skydive over populated areas but he never listens to my advice.
  20. Oh right he played for the Seattle Mariners.
  21. I don't know what the fuck is happening on the previous page but what I do know is that no one seems to be up in arms about this Ken Griffey, Jr. situation and I do not appreciate you all standing in the way of me and the truth. Really disappointed.