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  1. Parvo von Chupacabra is a missed opportunity in my opinion.
  2. Also, I guess if you want to be irl friends with me you can add me on FB: www.facebook.com/chanson.hoole.kinney You all are pretty alright, I guess.
  3. It's weird because my dad does live right next to a summer camp...
  4. Remember what I said about treading lightly? Actually though, that's super fucking cool!
  5. Yes, that is something I probably did say. I can't argue with you direct quoting me. Smooth. Very smooth. Well played, sir.
  6. Proud of you, bud. You've come so far this week.
  7. Back the fuck off! Saying nice things about Devscoots is my thing. Sorry, I'm very cranky this morning.
  8. Erin, who's your big celebrity crush?
  9. Kittens, I thought pizza was your thing. Why all this other food nonsense? Keep to your brand strengths; pizza and cigarettes. I think diversifying too broadly too quickly into the rest of the unhealthy lifestyle market is unwise if you're going to ignore the core of your brand.
  10. Devscoots! So glad you're here. This post used to say something else. But it doesn't say that anymore.
  11. Does someone need to say it? I can do that. Joe Mcgurl is in charge. I'm refusing to die though. Thank you for compromising.
  12. It's only Thursday and I think we may have found this week's winner of the forums.
  13. What is this, an advertisement for Nick Offerman's book?
  14. Sometimes I wonder where in the hell all of this foruming is leading me. Obviously it's not leading me anywhere, but I just wonder whether I'll just get too busy to post here someday or if I'll have to make a conscious choice to stop or if the show or Earwolf itself will meet its demise before I get tired of posting here. All good things must come to an end, I suppose, but it will be a truly sad day when I no longer have the ability or the will to come moor my boat in the Hollywood Handbook harbor. I can't imagine saying goodbye to the friendly harbormasters, Sean and Hayes, or to my fellow captains I've met while in port here over the years. It's become a home for me, this place has. A place to go and make jokes but mostly to brag about my non-accomplishments in hopes of pissing off someone enough to make them comment on it. The idea that someday I will no longer choose or be able to do this saddens me deeply. Love you all, Chanson This concludes tired moments of deep introspection and convoluted nautical metaphors with Chanson.
  15. Fuck Mean Detective. Also, I feel like I should know a lot more about this Gargoyle Boyz thing than I do...
  16. I just don't want to get skin cancer. So.... I bet you all feel like dicks for judging me now.
  17. Jakal, I like you and we're best friends and all... However, Being at the gym is my thing. Tread lightly, pal.
  18. But seriously, Tim. That's gross if that's a sex thing.
  19. Is this a sex thing, Tim? I DONT TRUST ANYONE ANYMORE VALERIE! YOU DID THIS TO ME!!!!!!!
  20. PS - A Bear, I'm lucky to have you as my fictional best bro (/implicit fictional fuckbuddy?). I can't tell if I'm the weirdo for reading that into the story or if Veebs is the weirdo for implying that. An ambiguity which I assume she intended all along. And that's why this is so upsetting to me. Because she knew she had beaten me before I had even read the story.
  21. You know how it gets over 75ΒΊ and you want to die because it's too hot? And you know how everyone around you seems to think that it's some sort of fucking miracle? That's the hell I'm living in every day right now. In case anyone wanted to know what's going on in my life.
  23. It's all that "Chanson's new bff" confidence you hear so much about.