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  1. But MY dad is a this forum thing. So...
  2. I recommend t-shirts saying "my dad's a boat captain"
  3. During the Entourageathon I told them to invite Hayes and Sean so many times it hurt. I assume they only didn't because Sean and Hayes had already said no. I even tried to get the attention of Eric Appel and Bang Rodgeman to tell them, but to no avail. (Imagine this next section in incredulous Hayes yelling voice) HOW DO YOU EVER EXPECT TO MAKE THIS PODCAST THE MOST POPULAR PODCAST IF YOU AREN'T PLUGGING IT ON AN ENTOURAGEATHON LIVESTREAM FILLED WITH PAST GUESTS AND BEING VIEWED LARGELY BY PEOPLE WHO ALREADY LISTEN TO HOLLYWOOD HANDBOOK?!? Also me and Ronnie Hog are best friends now. So... Anyone who isn't besties with me, it's because you aren't trying. Edit: also the fact that Johnny Bananas was there made me miss the Reality SHOW show. They were so mean to him. They should have been fascinated with him. They had access to one of the real stars of The Challenge and they didn't ask him anything about it. Talk about a waste.
  4. I have some opinions on this...
  5. It's still the handsomest day of the year here. Still an hour and a half left.
  6. We come together on this auspicious occasion to mark the birthday of #1 handsome boy. May this day bring him handsomeness and joy beyond his wildest dreams and expectations. Joe McGurl, we celebrate this day because you are the hero of these forums. You bring handsomeness and good cheer with you everywhere you go and we show our gratitude to you on this day. 3 cheers for Joe McGurl! 3 cheers for handsomeness! 3 cheers for Hollywood Handbook!
  7. I saw wine in a carton the other day. That concerned me.
  8. I like Andy. He can perv on me all he wants as long as I can hug the living shit out of him.
  9. No because I'm also American.
  10. Bunch of haoles in this forum. I can say that because I'm Canadian.
  11. Joe, your dad's a boat captain, too? I mean, that's what the first post is for, right? Boat captains and their relatives. Congratulations.
  12. Sometimes I wonder when I made so many posts.
  13. Devscoots wins. Love you, man.
  14. Hollywood Handbook Family, You are all wonderful and this forum is very special to me. If any of you were to up and leave it would hurt me very much. Obviously there are many reasons one might decide to leave this forum community and I'm sure most of them are valid. However, know that you are loved and respected and wanted and even needed here to make this community as great as it is and that I love each and every one of you. Love, Chanson
  15. Yes, I picked up on that part. I cannot say how cool and nice and smart and good and funny and clean-toothed he seemed, this Kieran fellow. Definitely a top bloke. Or top hoser (I can say that, don't worry).
  16. My favorite part is the assumption that Kieran, the writer of the Ask Agata question is from Ireland and has a strong jaw line. I feel like it was also implied in the conversation that he often takes pictures of himself brushing his teeth, though I may be reading into it too deeply.
  17. Talking about Seattle. Living on an island. Dad drives a boat, but also doesn't and actually builds airplanes. Dog named Dreidel. Beer.
  18. Filling out surveys... When did this become Myspace in 2005?
  19. ...Sean and Hayes write on a show for Comedy Central which is owned by Viacom. I don't know if an exec puts his hand up their asses on a regular basis though, so I don't know if they're technically puppets. PS - Please be more respectful of Joe McGurl, he is very sensitive. PPS - Fuck you, Tim.
  20. There were two schools of thought, one of which thought you were serious, the other thought you were joking. There is a third school of thought that believes you aren't actually a pencil.
  21. Any good, Joe? I don't wanna invest the time in it if it's some garbage about The Challenge or some shit like that.
  22. Everytime I see something from Reddit I am amazed by the tact, diplomacy, and skillfulness with which people there construct and deliver their ideas and arguments. It is truly the Florence of the digital age. Edit: I just realized that I assumed that the posters on Reddit are, in fact, people. I have no proof or evidence of this, so forgive my speculation.
  23. I'm sorry, the answer we were looking for was Bartell's. Washington's Bartell Drugs. Family owned since 1890. Nice try though. Would have also accepted Vashon Pharmacy. You think we give out free cars here for wrong answers like some kind of Oprah? Is that what you think this is?