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  1. Sorry for so many posts.
  2. I think you could argue that several different parts of this episode were about or involved something related to me. You can decide for yourself which parts it is.
  3. I like your forum picture. We can be friends, too.
  4. Rite Aid make anyone else sign up for this Plenti bullshit? Why doesn't my Wellness card work anymore? The fuck, Rite Aid? Edit: I wasn't sure this was the appropriate forum for this but I really didn't know who else to turn to.
  5. Dave Grohl... He's Kurt Cobain, right?
  6. Screw you, Veebs. I can be friends with whoever I want. And the real reason is because he has ocean in his picture which is where my dad's boat goes. So he's convenient. Sometimes you really get on my nerves, Veebs. Edit: JK I love you Edit 2: And no, Veebs didn't threaten to kill a kitten every second until I said "JK." So... I don't know why any of you would bring that up.
  7. Sea otters are murderous bastards and not to be trusted. That is all.
  8. I don't think ducks are allowed into bars in Washington State. It's unhygienic. They have salmonella and stuff. Edit: Also they bite.
  9. I don't get it. Doctors are for people. Cookies are for eating. Some people like eating crumbly cookies. It's a real shame that you would infer that there's something wrong with a crumbly cookie. So wrong, in fact, that the cookie would need to go see a human doctor because it's unhealthy. Cookies should be proud of themselves whatever their consistency. All cookies are beautiful the way they are. People like you are the reason why racism isn't dead in this country.
  10. Actually it's a sidewalk and the tiles of the bottom part of a street-level commercial building façade with a girl's leg and brightly colored boot. There is also a cat on a leash. I am on the record as saying I do not like jokes or fun. Do not test me on this.
  11. Dear Colt Barton, I saw this in Olympia yesterday and would like you to explain it to me: Thanks in advance.
  12. 1.) I think that speaks for itself. 2.) Considering that I only had one dollar and I gave it to the Arco guy, I suppose I am. Because that's what I did. I am very cripplingly broke. Why else would I be at Arco?
  13. I had a fucking epic day. Woke up at 3:30am Went to Seattle to trade cars. Still don't have mine back from the shop. It's a whole thing. Haircut. Looking great. Psychiatrist appointment. I'm fucked in the head. Dropped off prescription in Tacoma. Went to Mount St. Helens. Volcanos are dope. Stopped in Vader, Washington to take a picture of a sign at the post office confirming that there is, in fact, a Vader, Washington. Participated in a black lives matter protest at Olympia city hall. (I support all men's rights.) Went to the Fish Tale Brew Pub and ate some killer nachos. Went to Olympia's Eastside Club Tavern to drink some of Washington's amazing craft beers. Took my buddy home because he was being a wet blanket. Took pictures of deer in front of the Washington State Legistlative Building. Felt very uncomfortable because of the weird looks I was being given by the state troopers watching me take said pics from the governor's mansion and decided to go home. Went to Arco to get some shitty gas to put in the car that I don't own and was asked for a dollar by another Arco patron. I gave said patron the dollar. (I'm a philanthropist.) Got home. Made microwave popcorn. Posted this on the forum. This is the kind of fast-paced lifestyle you can expect from Chanson H. Kinney, son of Captain Bruce Kinney, the esteemed aeronautical engineer who is not a licensed boat captain of any kind, though did have a glider pilot's license in his late teens and early twenties. Edit 1: I cannot stress enough that none of the events in this post are exaggerated or falsified in any way. Edit 2: Colt Barton, why don't we hang out? Are you afraid of me? I suppose I would be afraid of me. That's fair. Good talk.
  14. I hear you got invited to join Foo Fighters. Speak on that.
  15. I wasn't even in this episode. You're right. I'm terrible. I just don't see how you learned that from this episode. I'm all about fairness. But in a way where that isn't a good thing. Edit: I'm not mad. Just trying to get to the bottom of this.
  16. Not enough Hayes trying not to laugh.
  17. chanson

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    You might want to report that to the King County Sheriff's Office. I'm not sure a podcast forum is the best place to break that news. Also, get vaccinated. Edit: I'm not an attorney. Or a doctor.
  18. chanson

    EPISODE 351 β€” CBB: The Movie

    Yeah, fuck that guy.
  19. I sexually identify as Hayes Davenport.
  20. I have a pretentious name. And it suits me.