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  1. I'm so glad there's a pokemon go angle to this episode. Thanks for that. I mean it's three weeks late, but I'm not mad about it, it's fine.
  2. Hello, I made friends with a sea lion today and I learned that my neighbor knows how to windsurf. More on these stories as information comes available.
  3. I haven't listened yet, but I have some very controversial opinions about Pokemon Go I would like to share with all of you if that's okay. It's good and I like it and I play it and I'm gonna catch some more.
  4. Hi, I posted this week. Okay, bye.
  5. If a pokemon isn't the guest on Tuesday's show I'm gonna be so freakin peeved.
  6. Public notice: the buoy in front of my house is PRIVATE PROPERTY! You can't tie up your $200,000 sailboat there to watch the fireworks. Sorry, but the founding fathers wanted it this way, so get fucked. Happy 4th of July from Vashon Island!
  7. I like this show AND I listened to it. I would like some praise, please.
  8. Suck it, Chanson. See, I'm cool too!
  9. Because you crave attention. Even the negative kind.
  10. One time honlads called me a "stupid worthless gobshite motherfucker." I took it as a compliment. The lesson here is that when you think positively everything is a compliment.
  11. I love Sean and anyone who has EVER said ANYTHING about him not being good on the show, even as a joke a long time ago, should be shunned and publicly shamed.
  12. Was someone talking about me?
  13. Yeah, the board of directors lines people up in front of a sword that's stuck in a stone and then whoever pulls the sword out gets to be ki... I mean CEO. Duh everyone knows that.
  14. My runningmate is a ferry.
  15. .....you know who has been honest since the start? .....who isn't in any secret pictures with other forumers? .....who you've loved and adored since the Reality Show Show? Chanson. Vote Chanson for Earwolf CEO. Because everyone else is incompetent and stupid.
  16. I think someone already did that. In fact, I know they did.
  17. Everyone who votes for Jack gets a ride on my dad's boat and $200 in Outback Steakhouse giftcards. Life's not fair. Vote for Jack.
  18. Someone clearly took a picture of me and edited Jack's head onto my body for his avatar. This whole thing is clearly made up by my political enemies.
  19. If either one of you tries to tax or redistribute my pro versions just know they're in an account in the Cayman Islands so good luck with that plan you crazy socialists!
  20. I knew megs was going to post because Jack told me via the secret forum.