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  1. I trust Jack. You guys all hate him because he's the new Earwolf CEO. For shame.
  2. I'm voting Jackal. #makeEarwolfgreatagain
  3. You guys remember when we learned about Colt Barton meeting Shaq? Wasn't that cool?
  4. chanson

    The Super Secret Forum... Sshh.

    I don't know about a secret forum, but I'll tell you what I do know about; someone who has ALL OF THE FILES. All of them. And he won't give them back either. That's all I can say at the moment.
  5. i don't bully masochists, I don't need that weird shit in my life.
  6. I always say red isn't my color, but I think this picture has changed my mind. I wish I got invited to these kinds of things.... Right, guys?
  7. I still post here all the time, you think I'd be here if I had real life internet friends? Yeah, right.... okay. sure..... good one.
  9. I didn't get the opportunity to go to this because I live in a small frontier town on the Pacific Ocean called Seattle (it's almost Canada but it's actually in America [even though, yes, I am Canadian, but also American and actually more American than Canadian, but technically still Canadian too]) but I sent several close personal friends of mine to it and they told me to listen to this episode and boy howdy am I excited to do that.
  10. You come over here and say that to my face you cockroach-loving pine nut enthusiast!
  11. TJ Lavin was at maximum Teej on last nights ep of The Challenge. Some excellent quotes: "You know how I feel about quitters, right?" "Don't take care, hope to see you never." "That was some horseshit." ...I've said this before, but I'm just pretending this is the Reality Show Show forum too.
  12. One time I was on the way to the grocery store and I saw a raccoon cross the road. It stopped momentarily to stare at me with its wise little eyes and strange apposable thumbs as if to say "hey, man, fuck you for driving on my road." I later saw that same raccoon eating garbage out of a trash can. It just goes to show you that wise-looking animals are actually not wise and eat garbage just like the rest of us.
  13. The swimmer? Edit: oh no that's a different guy
  14. Episode 136: Chanson, Our REAL Best Friend and Spiritual Leader and also Great Guy.
  15. When we founded this forum we made it exclusive and hard to join on purpose, just like the podcast we love, and I think we underestimated the relentlessness of the people that like this show. So when it comes to HH being inaccessible, I don't think that's ever been a problem.
  16. Did somebody say Coke Zero?
  17. I just want to make clear that I was intentionally razzing someone with a serious medical condition to maintain my image as the forum bully. Gotta protect my brand.
  18. But do they make brains grow? Fuckin' magnets how do they work?