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  1. Haha you got worms in your brain? Just a fun new insult I'm trying out.
  2. I'm so furious I can't even think of a comeback right now! And it's definitely because of how mad I am and not because I'm bad at comebacks, because I am known for how good at comebacks I am.
  3. It's no Coke Zero, I'll tell you that right now... I DARE ANY OF YOU TO FIGHT ME ABOUT THIS!
  4. That looks like a really nice pool. Big fan.
  5. Oh shit, you all got roasted so hard. Fuck.
  6. chanson

    Who better, chanson or dixon?

    hmmmm I like me a lot.... I also am neutral to positive on cats fyi. But I also like Dixon... I want him banned, but he knows that's just a formality.
  7. PS - shoutout to skiing and all the people going skiing and how important it is. I'm just going to assume that part of the song was about me.
  8. Happy Challengemas everyone! Rivals III is gonna be sick! I'm just gonna keep pretending Hollywood Handbook is Reality Show Show and they just forgot about the reality show component because it's easier than coming to terms with the fact that RSS ended. Good talk.
  9. PS - My dog, Dreidel, met another forum member yesterday. I'm not telling which one for his/her own privacy reasons, because you're all untrustworthy.
  10. I love HH AND I care about Sean's take on film. Just so everyone knows.
  11. Great review. 10/10 Big fan, love your reviews. What's your secret?
  12. Please tell your friend I don't get him (or her).
  13. We used to have a Dairy Queen on the island. Does that make me relatable?
  14. PS - First (for last week) PPS - First (for this week)
  15. I'm going to start saying "I would love to have the power of lunch in me" and "got 'em, bitch" at every possible opportunity. PS - I really liked that Jake and Amir were on the show, I want Sean and Hayes to be best friends with them forever. I'm not sure why, I just do.
  16. Mike, Aren't sausage McMuffins real good? Please admit this to me, that you think they are good. I don't care if this violates your restraining order. I WANT ANSWERS!
  17. Mike, Sadamantium, is that some kind of nerd thing? Please explain.
  18. One time, I heard Sean and Hayes on Comedy Bang Bang and I was like "shit, these guys are kinda funny." But then I realized I already listen to that podcast that they do on their own because I'm not a deadbeat.
  19. I don't know what it means, but I did laugh. You kids keep me young.
  20. It is on their license plates...
  21. ...while I'm here. Yeah, I'm not real. So.... gotcha, I guess?
  22. I'm extremely flattered. We should be friends.
  23. Doesn't feel good does it?