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  1. hey jerks, very busy this week, love you all.
  2. You told me I'd be your one and only. Fuck you, you pig. What are our kids going to think?
  3. I'm sorry, I get very territorial.
  4. Get in line, sister, he's mine!
  5. In fairness I thought you were saying mailmen and you know how I feel about the US Postal Service.
  6. I wish we could go back to when we didn't talk about podcasts in this podcast forum.... This may seem like a joke but it's not. I hate jokes.
  7. Randy Johnson reminds me of Ken Griffey, Jr. But I can't remember what they could possibly have in common with each other....... Hmmmmmmmmmmm......
  8. FIRST!!!!!!!!!! Suck it, losers!
  9. Remember that ep with Pauly Shore? That was weird, huh?
  10. Mekhi Phifer and Ted Cruz are the same person? What? I mean, I can't prove that they aren't.
  11. It was better on HH too. And HH isn't even about food. Edit: I'm eating Red Vines right now. Is that interesting?
  12. Follow up to the new Doughboys: If Hayes and Sean wanted to have Nicole Byer back on the show I think it would be amazing and also delighful.
  13. I respond very well to mountain metaphors because I'm constantly skiing. I'm currently skiing.
  14. HI Hayes, Happy birthday. No, I didn't do anything special because I know how important it is for you to have us think of you like one of our real life friends and I wouldn't do anything special for my real life friends either because they're all garbage people. Hope you have a nice day! love, Chanson
  15. Dreidel vet appointment Thursday at 11:00. Lunch with Angie Wednesday at 1:00
  16. Need milk and cheese. Call back Tim. Leave for the gym by 12:30. Don't forget phone charger. Aaron's Birthday tomorrow. Call Dad.
  17. How does everyone know to call me Chanman? No one calls me that except for here. It's insane. I'm enemies with all of you.
  18. These forums suck. I hate everyone here.
  19. So I heard about this show called Banshee from one of my closest friends and confidants. It does not disappoint. Like... holy shit.
  20. You guys think Sean is still doing his Banksy thing or nah?
  21. PS - you called my bluff AV Club. Fuck you, jerks.
  22. Hayes and Sean are the president now?