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  1. A guy on AV Club said he didn't like this episode because everyone was trying to do a bit, but he did like the fake Andrew call. Two questions here:


    1.) Who else was even trying to do a bit? The one guy who kept saying "speak on that"?

    2.) Why did I read the AV Club Podmass comments?


    Because you wanted to see if they noticed that I wasn't in this episode. They don't know that they noticed but they did and secretly that's why the AV Club didn't like this episode.

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  2. Β 

    Aww shucks, thanks Joe. I really should start trying to posting some funny good jokes.


    In other news, I matched with a girl on tinder the other day and YOU were our mutual friend and I said to myself β€˜if this girl survived the great joe mcgurl facebook purge of 2015 she must be pretty alright and I should probably take her for a hot meal @ the sizzler’




    This is what makes this forum special.

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