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  1. Anyone know if Joe ever beat that volcano? Feel like it was a big mismatch





    Edit: while I have you here, I need to ask the ladies what they think of this line. I'm pretty proud of it pHFOrbS.jpg


    A lot of people are gonna judge you when Google gets hacked, bro... Just saying. Maybe get an iPhone.


    PS - If this is anything like the "take a chance on something joke" she's probably already heard it. Just trying to be a real bro, bro.

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  2. You all disgust me... This probably isn't news.


    Jack, you need a haircut you filthy hippy. Wasn't sure how to tell you and a text seemed too impersonal.


    DairyPillows, you need to file a complaint about this dude having dreams about you. And probably file a restraining order. You can never be too careful.


    SteveH, it's cute that you let your mom stay with you. My mom took my dog for the week for no reason other than she said she wanted to have the dog for a week. So yeah, I'm right there with you about the moms being crazy.


    Thejjar, who you calling weird? I think most of us are shockingly well-adjusted for an internet podcasting forum.


    Bruce, I agree but replace McDonald's with Starbucks. Everyone has worked at Starbucks. It's crazy.


    Okay, I'm bored now.


    PS - I really want scallops and chips from Ivar's but they're closed right now. Lame.

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  3. One time I said Sean was bad on the show. I admit that I was wrong about that. Very wrong. I mean, it was a joke and I didn't mean it to begin with because Sean has always been good on the show (duh, why would I listen to it?), but I now realize that to even suggest that is disgusting and crazy and that one should not joke about such things.


    Sean, this ep was so freaking good, the best birthday present I could have asked for. You're hilarious!


    Love, Chanson

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