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  1. Cried through the entirety of Scott's intro, laughed the rest of the hour and half. Truly a perfect example of bittersweet.

    I feel privileged to have spent years listening to Harris on CBB, Analyze Phish, Who Charted and UTU2TM. Podcast episodes that Harris was on were always the ones I would listen to when i was having a rough day or week to make me feel better. It's weird that he has been the only one to have made me laugh since Thursday, yet also seems crazily appropriate.


    Thank you Harris for the unreasonable amount of joy you have brought to my life through Parks & Rec, hours and hours of podcasts, Don't Stop Or We'll Die, your book and a million other things i'm sure i could list here.

    Thank you so much Scott & co. for sharing this, and in general for everything.

    love you guys

    sorry this got sappy.

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