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    Episode 137 — Kroll Show

    They didn't really talk about Kroll Show a whole lot, but that's alright. I've never actually seen that show, not sure what it's on, but it sounds like it could be funny. Here's the thing, though--off the top of my head I can name a bunch of shows with an all-white main cast. Once Upon a Time, How I Met Your Mother, Bunheads, Raising Hope, The Middle, Rules of Engagement, etc. And then there are shows like The Big Bang Theory, which literally has one character of color, and everybody forgets about him because he has no development past being an Indian stereotype. So, yes, criticize specific instances of racism or marginalization, that's fine, but targeting one show, like Girls, instead of all these other shows, is patently ridiculous. It definitely makes me feel like the critics have an ulterior motive.
  2. LucyMerriman

    Episode 120 — All American

    I think this kinda relates to a previous week's question where they asked if it's racist to say you're only attracted to or only ever date your own race. Which, I think is racist, because you should be open to dating people for who they are on the inside, not what society and your racist grandpa tells you is attractive. Like they said on that episode, if Beyonce wanted to date you, would you really say no? So, honestly, I think the most racist this about his friend is that he basically, openly admits that his dream girl is a white girl. His soul mate might be a whole different race and he might never find out.