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    Vampire Academy (2014)

    Just saw the trailer for this & all I could think was, "Coming soon to How Did This Get Made!" Based on a best seller? Rly? I though Olga Kurlyenko was like, you know... a successful actress & stuff. Trailer:
  2. maggotlimbo

    Christmas with The Kranks (2004)

    I'm LITERALLY just scanning through the movies on my mothers' crappy cable package. 90 bucks a month. Gremlins is on 47 times. 'Gizmo caca' indeed.
  3. maggotlimbo

    Wolf (1994)

    Geriatric-wolf vs. Rapewolf. Discuss.
  4. Incomprehensible. Makes the first one look like Henry & June. Inexplicably directed by an FX supervisor. LITERALLY made of WTF.
  5. maggotlimbo

    Practical Magic (1998)

    I don't wanna see any more John Carpenter movies in these threads unless it's Starman.
  6. Jet Li + Bad sci-fi plot + Dumb action plot + dated jokes about 2000 presidential campaign + STATHAM... Whaddya think?
  7. maggotlimbo

    Vampires (1998)

    You've gotta be effing kidding me. Why do you you hipster creeps keep suggesting awesome movies? You're making my soul hurt.
  8. maggotlimbo

    Tremors (1990)

    This movie is awesome & you are all worst than Stalin.
  9. maggotlimbo


    You're a terrible person.
  10. maggotlimbo

    Blade Trinity (2004)

    Get Oswalt back: http://mobile.avclub.com/articles/patton-oswalt-on-his-most-memorable-roles-and-givi,88860/?mobile=true