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    Beyond the Valley of the Dolls (1970)

    You guys must review BTVOTD in honor of Ebert's passing. It has all the hallmarks of a HDTGM classic. Please, please, please. Just to give some flavor, here are just some of the tags from the IMdB page: Drugs Lesbian Sex Band Inheritance Lawyer Multiple Stabbings Woman Shot Sword Male Rear Nudity Fictional Band Bed Spring Paraplegic Record Producer Blood Spatter Music Industry Los Angeles California Suicide Attempt Massacre Bare Breasts Nudity Erotica Female Nudity Gun In Mouth Cult Director Absurdism Controversy Put On Abortion Transvestite Comic Violence Aunt Niece Relationship Spoof Homosexuality Death Price Of Fame Campy Lesbianism Beheading Buxom Rock Star Fame Boy With Glasses Shot In The Mouth Nazi Hollywood California Killing All Girl Band Satire Melodrama Female Rear Nudity Woman Shot In The Forehead Softcore Transsexual Violence Reference To William Shakespeare Murder Couturier In Joke Butler Batman Costume Rock 'n' Roll Hippie Gigolo Topless Female Nudity Nude Woman Murdered Running Gag Triple Wedding