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  1. Allybug

    Disclosure (1994)

    Ohhhh, this is a great choice. It's such garbage!
  2. Allybug

    BOOM! (1968)

    I was at a Tennessee Williams festival and I had the opportunity to see this... "film" on the big screen. I have never seen anything like it before. I can just say that Elizabeth Taylor has been cast as a decrepit, ageing invalid, Richard Burton is a rapey angel of death who is nearly eaten by dogs, and Noel Coward enters the film being literally carried on the shoulders of one of his servants as if he were a two year old boy at a county fair. It's a trip.
  3. Allybug

    Episode 130 - Teen Witch

    I love watching the "I like boys" scene because... well, for so MANY reasons, but because it's clear that the actress playing Randa can't dance. At all. She is not even present during most of the dance cuts, and in one of the few close ups on her face she looks absolutely flummoxed about how to properly tip her head from side to side. There's also a cut where it looks like she's about to do a somersalt over some girls' legs, but then they just cut to her standing back up again. In the final shot of the sequence all of the other girls are doing choreography and she is just bouncing from side to side. Classic. Watch the scene again and bask in what it's like to like boys:
  4. Allybug

    Episode 96 β€” Monkey Shines

    Oh my gosh, yes! I thought it was from a Stephen King story too - but I couldn't figure out why I thought that! THANK YOU.
  5. Allybug

    Episode 96 β€” Monkey Shines

    OK - I think I get what June is driving at here. I really do. The problem with animals as villains in films is that (because they have no voice) there is a tendency for audiences to make assumptions about them in real life. The best example I can think of this is "Jaws." It is one of my all-time favourite movies, and a great film, but it's not an "animal" movie - it's a monster movie. Sharks don't launch themselves onto boats just to eat people, for example. That film led to increased shark hunting and fewer people at the beach; people BELIEVED what they saw in the film even though it was total fiction. Peter Benchley, who became a conservationist, went so far as to say he wouldn't have written the book at all if he had known then what he knows now about shark behaviour and how important they are to ocean ecosystems. Would crediting all of the monkeys in "Monkey Shines" have really helped people understand monkeys better? I doubt it. I am from Toronto and last year a woman dressed up a monkey in a Shearling coat and took it to Ikea. (Google it.) People knew in 1975 that the shark in Jaws was a freakin' MACHINE and it didn't stop them from being morons after that film came out. And it's no better now - in 2014 the demand for shark meat in restaurants soared during SHARK WEEK - you know...the thing that we have each year because we "LOVE" sharks so much? http://www.npr.org/b...-at-restaurants So June… I think I'm picking up what you are putting down here. I don't think that the credit thing would make any difference, though. An extra credit or two is not enough to make people stop being dumb.
  6. Allybug

    Congo (1995)

    Great choice. If Bruce Campbell appeared on this episode I would lose my MIND.
  7. Allybug

    Speed Zone

    Yeah, it was supposed to be Cannonball Run 3 - so I am not sure why they called it "Speed Zone." John Candy AND Eugene Levy were in it. And Peter Boyle and the Smothers Brothers - it SHOULD have been good. It was not. I barely remember the movie - but I do remember the hate.
  8. Allybug

    Speed Zone

    This movie is terrible. I vividly remember going to the theatre on my birthday with one of my best friends (we share the same birthday) and his older brother to see "The Dream Team," but it was sold out, so we went to "Speed Zone" instead because it looked like a good cast. My friend's brother paid for the tickets, so we tried to make the best of it, but we would have walked out otherwise. I'm STILL kind of mad about it.
  9. Allybug

    The Crush (1993)

    Good suggestion - this film is super creepy - especially because it sets up a world where it's okay for a grown man to beat the crap out of a 14 year old mentally disturbed girl. Klassy.