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  1. I'm seriously considering making a tumblr dedicated to this movie
  2. jessay

    She's the Man

    It's on tv right now, it's awful. What the hell is going on? Why is Channing Tatum playing the sensitive jock? Why is Amanda Bynes so OTT in her acting? This is a ridiculous movie.
  3. This is both sexist and racist. Visit any MRA forum and you'll see the gross misogyny and racist generalizations that lead men to do this. They go because they stereotype American women in negative ways and fetishize women from certain countries who have the stereotype of being submissive and "knowing their place," who also tend to be impoverished and see these men as their only escape from that, and travel to these countries in order to basically own the women. While there are obviously people who just happen to fall in love while in a foreign country, there are absolutely predatory men who are doing this out of a deep seeded hatred of women with agency and an idealization of women who they think they can control and manipulate.
  4. jessay

    Teen Witch

  5. I just signed up for the forum specifically to recommend this one. It's one of my all time favorite "so bad it's hilarious" movies. I would rent it all the time to show it to new friends. It also features a young AJ McClean from the Backstreet Boys. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2Rqfydmwqc the trailer