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  1. TheDirtyDrunk

    Maximum Overdrive

    This has to be a live show episode. This movie reaks of 1980s coked up hubris. Staring an Emilio Estevez at the height of his hotness, featuring character actor icon Pat Hingle, with cameos by Yeardley Smith (aka Lisa Simpson), Giancarlo Esposito (Breaking Bad's Gus), and Marla Maples (ex wife of Donald Trump), throw in being directed by, and adapted from Stephen King, with a soundtrack by AC/DC, might as well get a mullet, rusted out trans-am, with a painted album cover jean jacket. Plenty of shit to riff about, how about the lead actress being 4 inches taller than the lead actor (precusor to Tom Cruise and the current Josh Hutchinson in the hunger games movies), horrible violin screeching reminding us of a much better movie before this one. i could go on.
  2. TheDirtyDrunk

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

    Here is a screen shot of one the many WTF moments of the movie...... Yep.....a person is placed in a cage, and sentenced to death by garbage compactor, for being TOO CRIPPLED Where the hell do you start with what is wrong with this? The fact he's next to a clown, their presentation of what a "Cripple" is?
  3. TheDirtyDrunk

    The Garbage Pail Kids Movie (1987)

    Holy Shit, i just saw this Netflix. This movie is insane, the giant puppets heads are fucking freaky as hell. the eyes are dead and cold, the mouth don't match the lip sync, there's a character who is constantly pissing his pants and there are BLACK-FACED garbage pail characters. Put there are fucking tons of inappropriate moments in this movie. There are tits flopping back and forth during a chase scene, the 30 year old bully of the film is dating a 15 year old, they cover the hero in animal shit from the zoo, and there are musical numbers about working together. Please Please make this a live event! There is no way in hell that this shouldn't be discussed without an audience.