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  1. Looking forward to it, but I wish it was out for the holiday weekend!
  2. Valis

    The Dalton Wilcox Challenge

    Dalton's book also reminds me a little of this old muckraker by Robert Sherrill:
  3. Valis

    Episode 300 ā€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    Fantastic episode. 274 and this episode should be appended to the ADPPP. Until the forces of good merged into one I assumed that Dalton Wilcox was going to stick his ebonied-teak dick in the hole in the Excalibur stone to block Beetle Bailey's blood from dripping into it. (Did I actually just write that?) So is it canonical or not?!
  4. Valis

    The Dalton Wilcox Challenge

    I think someone is a fan of Dalton's - this book came out last month:
  5. Valis

    Nerd Poker sounds

    I had some free time and pulled out some short sound snippets from NP and put them on Soundcloud, if anyone's interested. I also included Patton's song from ep #18 https://soundcloud.c...erdpokersounds/ I thought people might be entertained but if anyone at Earwolf disapproves just let me know and I'll take it down immediately.
  6. Valis

    Other Celebrity Players?

    You might be able to get Will Wheaton to play, maybe Matt Groening. Dan Harmon isn't doing much these days and in an avclub interview he said, "I played D&D when I was a kid, and Iā€™m more familiar with it than most people are with poker." Perfect.