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  1. Whence the beginning of time was rewound and world came to be spinning, came the wound from the dinner of last September. Bad gravy.
  2. TheSmallMan

    The small man

    The small man had a van and rode to the mall where he was confronted by a tall man with a ball tan can of spam.
  3. Soon, dear friends, it will all be over. But not this catchphrase. This catchphrase is forever.
  4. This catchphrase wasn't actually said, it was telepathically transmitted to your ear by your computer.
  5. TheSmallMan

    Guest suggestions

  6. Your E-Harmony results came back from the lab. You are AIDS positive, babykins.
  7. Words, words, words for the catchphrase; fun fun yum, fun in the yam old sunglasses.
  8. This reminds me of lukewarm honeysuckle and shucking candy corn with my grandma. Thank you orphan Annie.
  9. How is Horrible Lori's horoscope, Rory Scovel?
  10. Choking on a candy corn is a sad way to go. Rest in peace Gram-Gram.
  11. Man, I had mad cheese and I spent it all on ice. It's cool that my grocery store has that cheese/ice exchange policy.
  12. You're a true coyote, Truman Capote.
  13. TheSmallMan

    "Catch phrase."

    "Catch phrase."
  14. Boom! Bam! Zap! Crash! Welcome to Comedy Synonym.
  15. No Jews, no jokes, no service. Welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
  16. Hit the road, Hot Dog. This is Tragedy Bang! Bang!
  17. What a humble Rush Limbaugh you are!
  18. TheSmallMan

    "I'm not Jesus..."

    I'm not Jesus, but I certainly wear a robe and smell unwashed.
  19. "The best catch phrase of all time." There you go.
  20. TheSmallMan

    I just called to say I love you...

    ahaahaahah this is great
  21. Why am I the only person wearing a cummerbund at this hobo streetfight?