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  1. pettycoat

    EPISODE 217 — Goodbye

    RIP Professor Blastoff. May your cold, dead body be ever floating through time and space.
  2. pettycoat

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    Not joking. I love Whodunnit?. It's just so elaborate. It's also the closest thing to The Mole that I've seen in years (sans Anderson Cooper of course), which is obviously in my pantheon of reality competition television shows. Speaking of, could we get a rerelease of some classic the reality SHOW shows where The Mole is discussed? I must have missed those...
  3. pettycoat

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    You guys following Whodunnit?? It's for sure my new favorite show that's premiered since the hiatus. All the pizzas are there except the casting. I would love to see what a group of people who really know reality tv could do with that premise. Imagine what ANY cast member of Bachelor Pad could do with that vehicle. God I hope it doesn't get cancelled before Celebrity Whodunnit? becomes a reality.