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    What guest do you want to see?

    Since this is You Made It Weird, I can only assume that means the Hawking bit starts at 6 hours, 4 minutes into the show Edit: ok I listened to it, that was ridiculously funny. Thanks for the tip.
  2. FuriousATG

    What guest do you want to see?

    Ha - I mean somebody playing the character "Pete Holmes", not Pete playing some other character.
  3. FuriousATG

    What guest do you want to see?

    I'd like to see Pete Holmes as a character. Maybe retired Jay Leno too. Ira Glass IRL would be awesome. And, as always, the more Galifianakis the better. Editing for clarity: I would love to see some of the amazing improvisers get into character as retired Jay Leno, or as Pete Holmes. In terms of real guests, I think Ira Glass could be fun (assuming he's not too cool for school, or too sincere for school). And I ALWAYS love more Galifianakis.
  4. Episode 189 - Chris Fairbanks's diatribe about Flapjacks and Pancakes was delightful NYC Live Show #2 had one of my favorite WYR games ever Also totally agree with creakslamsit - the Herzog Yelp review and Campbell rap battle were amazing And, oh my god, the Santer Klantz bit from the holiday episode may be my favorite thing to happen on the show ever
  5. FuriousATG

    Rollerball (2002)

    This one is a MUST.
  6. FuriousATG

    Superman Returns (2006)

    It would make me sad to see this movie done. I think it's deeply flawed, but I don't think it's that bad, and as a longtime Superman fan, I appreciated that Bryan Singer basically wrote a long long-letter to the original movies, for better or for worse.
  7. FuriousATG

    Grease 2 (1982)

    I think I'm worn out on musicals/music-related HDTGM for a little while
  8. Hey guys, I created an informal UserVoice page that will allow people to post movie suggestions and vote on existing ones. I think it might be a simple way to keep a running tally of the fans' preferences for movies they'd like to see HDTGM review. Feel free to upload your ideas and vote on existing ideas here: http://hdtgmrequests.uservoice.com/forums/201664-what-movies-should-hdtgm-review-/filters/top Hopefully this can turn into a useful tool!
  9. FuriousATG

    Running log of recommendations

    Yeah, it does require a registration, unfortunately, although it seems like a relatively low-burden one. I'm not sure I understand your point about narrowing down?
  10. FuriousATG

    Running log of recommendations

    Yeah, I think ultimately it will depend on whether the UserVoice page gets traction / whether they get around to rolling out their own solution. If lots of people end up participating in the UserVoice page (and some movies get dozens/hundreds of votes) and it takes them a while for them to implement their own thing, maybe this fan-made solution will get some notice. Either way - I'm looking forward to seeing what people come up with!
  11. FuriousATG

    Running log of recommendations

    Hey - Well, depending on their progress, this might work as a stopgap (or, potentially, a replacement if the official solution is proving a paint o implement). The way UserVoice works is that users only have 10 votes that they can cast, and a maximum of 3 votes per movie, which should allay the concern about users voting over and over.
  12. FuriousATG

    Bad Movie Recommendations Tournament of Gold

    Ok, I'm giving the UserVoice thing a shot. See if this works for you guys... I think this might be a LOT simpler than having someone aggregate random top 10 preferences. You guys can start entering your ideas for HDTGM movies, and cast votes on the suggestions by others. Over time, maybe this can become a good (and low-effort) repository for ideas for the show! http://hdtgmrequests.uservoice.com/
  13. FuriousATG

    Bad Movie Recommendations Tournament of Gold

    I wonder if UserVoice would be the right way to do this? Then there would be no need to narrow down to a Top 10 - people could just start voting right away.