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  1. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Been away from CBB for a while now, just recently came back...

    Guess I have some catching up to do. Missed about a year
  2. What is with this new closing the plug bag song? I love Ben Schwartz and all the singing they do, thats not the problem. It just makes my skin crawl when I hear it; its like something is off in the universe. Also if its the closing song, why is he saying "gunna listen to some plugs"? TLDR i hate it and want the old song back
  3. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Episode 300 โ€” Oh, Golly! You Devil

    I can't handle this. This is unreal. Just. Too. Funny. Definite going to listen to this like 5 times this week.
  4. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Episode 296 โ€” Taking the Bladder Out

    We are about do for a farts and pro 4 (if they decide to do it again, I thought FnP3 was great) as well as the dramatic conclusion to whether or not scott and jason are actually dead. Fear not fellow listener, greatness is coming!
  5. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Episode 295 โ€” I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    Honestly, too much Tracy recently (IMO of course) I love Lauren Lapkus and I think she is absolutely hilarious but her character isn't doing much and is appearing too often. The same thing happened to cake boss and he ended up taking a "Cakebaticle" More Geno is always welcome though, that dude is hilArious. As for "next time on Lonny" I went and watched a bunch of episodes and I have to say this shit is so funny. Thanks Scott for bringing this webseries to light!
  6. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Episode 290 โ€” Shed Busting

    Man, Todd Glass. I love him on the show because he is so real. He isnt afraid to make himself look stupid (which he isnt at all) but his human attributes are more prevalent than any guest. Its really nice to hear some truth once in a while
  7. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Just bought tickets to the show at skirball center may 11

    Oh awesome! I am so excited!
  8. What should I expect from a live show? This will be first and I am SO excited. I discovered CBB last year and since then have truly fell in love with the show and Scott (non-romantically) For those of you who have gone, whats it like? Is there a meet and greet? I would love to shake Scott's hand
  9. This entire journey with the ADPPP has been so incredile. I have loved him and his characters since I first heard him back on CBB, and Matt Gourley is a complete treasure as well. And for the record, I thoroughly enjoy him holding back his laughter with that weird throat clenching noise...thing. I die every time. Anyway, what I really want to say is that we need to start email earwolf, andy daly, matt gourley, WHOEVER and get them to continue this. Maybe make the characters "re-submit" new pilots, or have them think they get signed on and they send the episodes to andy and matt to be played on ADPPP or something. I don't know. This genius, hilarious, outstanding and absurd podcast cannot go away. It is simplytoo good.
  10. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    I've just about caught up on every episode...

    Great! Thanks guys, I'll check those out
  11. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    I've just about caught up on every episode...

    I have listened to nearly every episode of CDR/CBB. Much to my dismay, all I have now is to wait for new episodes every week. I was wondering what would be another podcast with a similar sense of joke continuity like CBB? I have tried Who Charted? but it wasn't for me. Can you guys give me any recommendations?
  12. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    What guest do you want to see?

    Tommy Wiseau, or someone doing a character of him. Please.
  13. DavidBrianDanielBasile

    Episode 180 โ€” Friends Without Words

    I'm pretty sure I heard Gillian attempt a Dalek voice after she mentioned a doctor who episode of Community. No else caught on but I thought it was fantastic