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  1. I also love how everyone (especially Jason) dropped their characters almost immediately after Dabney showed up so they could properly criticize Scott's character work. What a joy.
  2. Scotts streak of amazing non-characters continues with Dabney. "Whet er yer herbies?!"
  3. In fairness that is actually what we call it in the "biz" (business). I don't mean to reiterate.
  4. I work in the music "biz" (business) so these music themed podcasts always interest me. But I think it's a testament to how totally hysterical Scott (and Scott) are that they can make a podcast about one of my absolute least favorite bands EVER so enjoyable and funny. My dislike for u2 has actually increased while listening to this show but its only gotten funnier and more entertaining. I could probably listen to these guys do a podcast about Mumford & Sons for christ's sake....well maybe I wouldn't go that far but you know what I mean.
  5. mfnpjparty

    Episode 289 β€” The Exorcism of Cake Boss

    I can also officially say that the Reverend Robert Parsimone is now my favorite PFT character. A nervous, but well-meaning exorcist who is very comfortable on mic and is down to play games even if it means delaying the exorcism he is there to perform.
  6. mfnpjparty

    Episode 289 β€” The Exorcism of Cake Boss

    When Paul said "technicality no down boo over" without even missing a beat I about killed myself because I realized that nothing anyone will say will ever be funnier than that.
  7. mfnpjparty

    Episode 288 β€” Back to Barz, Back to Reality

    can somebody delete this guy? there sould be a no-tolerance policy on lonely, friendless people looking to take out their hostility towards the world on a message board.
  8. mfnpjparty

    Episode 281 β€” Bro Boarders

    Scott's Chicago accent might actually be even worse than his Irish accent from Pat McMahon's podcast...love it.
  9. mfnpjparty

    Episode 275 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2014

    I'm glad Scott mentioned the Orson Welles appearance too 'cause I've wanted another Orson episode foreeeever. the most awesomely pointless character ever.
  10. mfnpjparty

    Episode 275 β€” LIVE from SXSW 2014

    Whew, that was close. I thought for sure the sheriff was gonna pull out the glock-balls.
  11. mfnpjparty

    Episode 274 β€” Oh, Golly!

    I mean this as no hyperbole but Jason Mantzoukas, Scott Aukerman and Andy Daly might be the funniest "group" in comedy right now.
  12. Aside note: Jimmy: "Well my kid is six so there's not gonna be toys around." Andy: "Excuse me?!" I'm in tears.
  13. Whoever made Jimmy read the Adam Corolla promo must not know Jimmy too well...oh boy. This episode was hysterical as usual, Pardo, the Nap and Daly, doesn't get much better.
  14. I love Chip's arrogant dismissal of every job each contestant has.
  15. "In fairness Russel's here under false pretenses and he's been a real good sport." Might it be the greatest moment in podcast history?
  16. mfnpjparty

    Episode 270 β€” Off The Grid

    Did all the people complaining about Jon Daly's first segment forget what show they were listening to? This is Comedy Bang Bang for shits sake, and that was classssssic CBB.
  17. mfnpjparty

    What guest do you want to see?

    I havent heard from Paul Giamatti in a while...I'm starting to wonder if he's okay. I'm just a little concerned because the way he left the program last time had me a little worried.
  18. mfnpjparty

    Episode 263 β€” Hollywild

    God you're so cool.
  19. NNF was the podcast that introduced me to comedy podcasting AND introduced me to the humor of Scott Aukerman (I only knew of him from Mr. Show about 4 or 5 years ago) so seeing this is so fuckin awesome. THANK YOU SCOTT AND JIMMY!!!!
  20. mfnpjparty

    Episode BO2013.3 β€” Best of 2013 Pt 3

    how in the shit did Comedy Bleep Bleep not make the list...
  22. mfnpjparty

    Trying to find a September 11 joke

    jon daly as Barry R in ep 161 talking about his 9/11 tribute album "Manhattan Just Got a Lot Smoother" maybe?
  23. mfnpjparty

    Favorite quotes from Earwolf shows!

    "All the Oscars ever gave me was a barrel of fuckin' eggs in the face." - Paul Giamatti
  24. mfnpjparty

    I demand a Top 20

    Comedy Bleep Bleep was my fave of this year I'd say. Scott, Neil Campbell, Brendon Walsh (aka B Money Dubbz) and Adomian as Gordon Ramsay. Hard to beat that.