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  1. mfnpjparty

    Episode 459 - Giamatti Gives Thanks

    I havent commented in years but I came here just to say thank you to James and Scott for bringing back Giamatti who is my all time favorite character. I hope we get to see Adomian more regularly!! p.s. the squealing & unzipping noise James made during Scott's intro for Giamatti was a glorious and obscure call-back that I appreciated immensely.
  2. welcome to Comedy Bang Bang.
  3. mfnpjparty

    EPISODE 368 β€” Ric Bic For President

    For some reason I kind of love when Scott is clearly not into someone's character (I'm looking at you Paul).
  4. mfnpjparty

    EPISODE 368 β€” Ric Bic For President

    For those of you that are somewhat new, Dick Butterfield was on one of the first episodes of Comedy Death Ray years and years ago. It was hysterical.
  5. These are literally the ONLY two people who could make a Christmas-themed podcast in July and have it be actually funny. Edit: Oh my god, "I pretty much like everything except for rap and country" is the funniest thing ever said. I was so stunned at how funny it was I couldn't even laugh, I just sat there with my mouth agape.
  6. mfnpjparty

    R.I.P. Harris Wittels

    Terribly sad. Harris had that ability to feel like an old friend to his audience, which makes this even harder. Bye Harris, I can't describe how much you'll be missed.
  7. mfnpjparty

    Episode 1602 - Andy Daly

    This episode helped on a sad day like this. Jimmy, Andy, Matt and yes, even Elliot, are always great. Thank you guys. P.S. I LOVE LARRY!!
  8. mfnpjparty

    EPISODE 334 β€” The Dream Team

    I can't quite express how much I love hearing Scott yell at David for not playing along during WYR. What a joy.
  9. mfnpjparty

    Episode 328 β€” Beatle Heaven

    I always just kinda liked American Football but that first acoustic number was really really good. Will have to revisit the band. And Mike Hanford is one of the funniest people in the world.
  10. mfnpjparty

    Episode 326 β€” 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    It was so good to hear my all time fave bro Jimmy Adomian back on the program. AND doing one of my favorite of his characters!
  11. That was one of the best accidental reveals ever hahaha
  12. mfnpjparty

    Andy's favorite topics

    I find it mostly all comes back to sadomasochism
  13. The theme song to the ADPPP always reminded me of something and now I've finally figured it out! It's super reminiscent of Kim's Watermelon Gun from my the Flaming Lips album Clouds Taste Metallic from '95. That is all.
  14. I'm assuming you made a thread like this about PFT right, a guy who has seemingly been on every major comedy podcast several times over? Oh that's right you didn't. This thread is stupid.
  15. mfnpjparty

    What guest do you want to see?

    I really hope Pete Holmes comes back. He was hysterical last time he was on with Gino, despite all the lame-o's that complained about Pete. Scott and Pete are pretty funny together.
  16. I wanted to scream at Scott sooo bad after he called Radiohead "u2 imitators" *shudders*. But how could I stay mad at Adam Scott Aukerman?
  17. mfnpjparty

    Episode 316 β€” In the Larp Run

    As a current fan of what people consider to be alt-comedy, it would still be an absolute lie for me to say I wasn't taken by Dane Cook's CC special and Harmful if Swallowed in 8th/9th grade. It really was a big jumping off point for me in terms of being an actual fan of comedy. And it would also be a lie for me to say I wasn't part of the backlash against him once I found out it wasn't cool to like him. I wish I had been able to have the foresight to realize how silly that was but its tough when you're that young. Glad to see people have come around on him.
  18. mfnpjparty

    Episode 315 β€” Sandwich Therapy

    I've noticed Scott do that quite a few times recently, haha. I think Scott's a big NNF fan though so maybe that's his little tribute.
  19. mfnpjparty

    What guest do you want to see?

    We haven't heard from Scott Jeffries in a while. If I remember correctly he does movie promotion for an unspecified film studio and he used to live in New York until when in September of 2001 he was mistakenly served a French vanilla coffee instead of hazlenut and was so insulted he moved his family to LA which in turn saved his life because he worked in an upper story of the World Trade Center which was destroyed in the 9/11 attacks. Despite being a film studio rep he's only seen 3 movies, It's A Mad Mad Mad Mad World, Rhinestone, and an early edit of Borat. His voice has an uncanny similarity to that of Paul Scheer's.
  20. I've lived in Portland since I was 5 years old and the only bowl I've eaten is cereal haha. *rimshot*
  21. The kind of food that nature box sells sounds like it was named by Merrill Schindler. "Honeycomb sunflower kernals".....
  22. Pete Holmes on why people eat Jimmy Johns: "I want to feel well LATER." Love it.
  23. mfnpjparty

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    While a podcast is something that can certainly be judged in a critical nature, and people can like a guest or character more than others, coming on to a forum to say that you "hate" one episode of a FREE podcast that has delivered some of the best comedy of any format for the last half a decade comes across as nothing but whiny internet bitching.
  24. mfnpjparty

    Episode 309 β€” Tony Macaroni

    Okay am I the only one noticing an insane amount of Ghostbusters references this year?! I think this is the fifth week in a row I've heard Scott say "Slimer aka Onion Head".