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    Let June speak!

    Lol @ this thread
  2. sillygreen89


    This thread is AMAZING, started on page 1 and couldn't wait for: I think I laughed harder at Zouks' reaction than the actual question, pretty sure he died for a few seconds.
  3. sillygreen89

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    Can't tell if Chelsea is off or if it just seems that way because Adam and Harris killed it. Either way she was the weakest link and killed the momentum several times for me.
  4. sillygreen89

    Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

    A vampire throws a horse by the leg at Lincoln who proceeds to catch and ride said horse, neither the horse nor Lincoln is injured. Also during that same scene apparently every horse in creation is present for some reason. Lets get this movie done.
  5. sillygreen89

    Iron Sky (2012)

    Crank was intentionally over the top and ridiculous, as was Bad Ass. I don't think being unintentionally amusing is a prerequisite for a HDTGM episode, just a bonus. Also the fact that it is so over the top but still had admittedly respectable visual effects makes it more of a HDTGM candidate.
  6. sillygreen89

    Iron Sky (2012)

    Created an account just to support this suggestion. It's so amazingly bad in all the greatest ways. Neither of those clips show my favorite aspect of the movie; the full on whiteface or reverse blackface, which is rivaled only by White Chicks .