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  1. Marshall_Hampton

    Snakes on a Plane

    I'm not sure if this has already been suggested or not, so I am sorry if it already has been. This movie is just crazy and I would love to hear Jason just go off on it.
  2. Marshall_Hampton

    Blood Rain

    I missed him saying that, but that makes sense. The movies are real bummers. Thanks for letting me know what he said.
  3. Marshall_Hampton

    The Ninth Gate (1999)

    I actually really like this movie. I think it's a really good movie, but I can understand people having so many questions about it. Even though I enjoy this movie I do think listening to an episode on it would be entertaining.
  4. Marshall_Hampton

    Blood Rain

    Another Uwe masterpiece. Really any of his movies would work on this show I think.
  5. Marshall_Hampton

    Supergirl (1984)

    I would love to hear an episode done on the the 1980's movie Super Girl. Has to be one of the worst movies ever made.