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    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    For those wondering why Raul Julia was in this film his kids were fans of the game and the movie allowed him to spend more time with them. Since he knew he was in very ill health and perhaps knew his time was limited. Plus he looked like he had a blast playing Bison.
  2. ughanotherforumtogoto

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    Here is the thing about the Street Fighter movie. It's not half bad. It's sort of respectable of the source material, it's an action movie, it's got hammy acting (Raul Julia is clearly having a blast and let's face it he needed a good way to go for his last days) and well it's a beloved 90s action movie that is bad yet good. So it's clearly something people have a favorable view of nostalgia goggles notwithstanding. It's not boring or makes one angry like a Uwe Boll videogame adapation that shits all over the source material. As for Tekken the video game story is completly nuts. In fact the Tekken movie story was more coherent then the game story with kangaroo army whose combat is boxing moves.
  3. ughanotherforumtogoto

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    Actually Fighting Street was the name of a port to a video game console back in 1988. The arcade game Street Fighter came out in 1987. The characters most people know about and the story of the series however starts with Street Fighter 2. To show you how popular this was the game got released in 1991 and by 1993 had a revenue of over a billion dollars which was unheard for a video game still is for 99% of video games hell most anything. Most people who have played Street Fighter games have never played the first one or even know it exists. This movie btw spawned an animated series that lasted two seasons in the US and was 26 episodes. There are in fact more Street Fighter movies planned and a tv series planned for coming out in late 2013 called Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist if they get the fund raising for it.
  4. ughanotherforumtogoto

    In The Name of the King: Corrections

    Boll has shot in Eastern Europe a bunch. especially for his later films so thinking that it was filmed in Eastern Europe not only due to that but also the accents of the extras. That particular tax loophole in Germany was fixed years ago but there are still plenty of loopholes and incentives Boll can use to blow loads of money. Boll has got to have a lot of blackmail material to get the funding and the hollywood "talent" to star in his movies. Not even Ed Wood who loved making movies was able to secure the funding and stars with the ease that Uwe Boll seems to have.
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    In the Name of the King - Budget

    Franchise Pictures inflated the costs of their films in order to scam investments. It was the records that were shown in court that showed the real cost of Battlefield Earth was 44 million. 31 million was padding to scam investors such as a German based distributor. Battlefield Earth was a package deal with two other movies Wesley Snipe's Art of War and Bruce Willis's comedy The Whole Nine Yards. The German company won in court and got over 121 million in damages. Franchise Pictures later declared bankruptcy. The FBI in fact looked at whether independent production companies had inflated their budgets in order to scam investors.
  6. ughanotherforumtogoto

    Correction: Spice Girls

    Paul was making a joke on how hugely pregnant the asian lady looked. It's a very old school joke. Also trimester means a period of three. Also if you do some research you would see there is considered by baby experts and parents that there is an actual fourth trimester which is the first three months of the baby's life.