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  1. SendsMusic

    Episode 223 — Roll Over, Seth Rogen

    Awesome podcast! Also hyped about This is the End!
  2. Listen to us once, shame on me. Listen to us twice, shame on your associate's degree!
  3. SendsMusic

    Episode 219 — Farts and Procreation 3

    When people talked in this podcast, I listened. And when they listened, I talked.
  4. I hope Andrew Lloyd Webber will be ok.
  5. SendsMusic

    Episode 217 — The WTF Hour

    Positive comment about the episode.
  6. Cake Bug. Spoiler alert! (you bite the president of pies!)
  7. SendsMusic


  8. SendsMusic

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    Inter-dimensional travel is impossible. Especially for an inner city street rat. If everyone there was really ABOUT IT, then there would simply be more James Wong's 'The One' references.
  9. SendsMusic


    -Why do you have that as your phone background
  10. You know what they say, you can't get a fistful of ants with an acid covered hand.