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  1. nathanpierce

    Episode 245 — Poehler Ice Caps

    Off microphone PFT laughter is always such a joy, especially at the silliest/dumbest stuff.
  2. I had to Google search Andy Levy and was disappointed "Andy Levy human garbage" wasn't an instant result.
  3. nathanpierce

    Episode 165 — He's A Lesbian

    Really interesting convo with T.O. Awesome get, and as you guys said, I hope it opens the floodgates for more athletes to come on the show and have some fun. MWP in the Country would be amazing. I almost pissed myself at "Tony Dorsett Corset". And that chuckle from TO was great.
  4. nathanpierce

    Episode 146.5 — TWO CHARTED 85

    Howard Kremer: The original Jim Levenstein
  5. Mine too! Really added to the already greatness of the Yo-Yo Ma scenario.
  6. nathanpierce

    Whooch LIVE on VPN - 9/19

    Would have loved to contribute to the questions for this episode, but much like Jason, I'm not on twitter you guys!
  7. That was insane how clear the audio was during that dispute. Guy definitely went a step over with the faggot stuff. I thought Horatio went low there with the Jonestown, but it was still really funny, and how are you seriously going to be instantly shut off by a reference to a non-American tragedy thirtysomething years ago and then try to bum out everyone else? I realize subjects alter people's sensitivity differently (or not at all), but you're grasping for straws if your seriously going to turn into "that guy" over one out of a lot of inappropriate references at a fucking improv show. Kudos to Besser and Huskey for trying to end it as quickly as they could before the guy decided to drop "faggot", in which Huskey also made the point of you're going to be offended by one thing brought up, but then drop a trigger word like faggot? What a fucking asshole, it sounded like. Huskey ruled in this episode. Horatio was probably the MVP though, given he was the go-to for most of the celebrity impressions.
  8. nathanpierce

    Episode 32 — Raaaaaaaandy!

    Re-listened to a couple of old favorites, including this one. I agree, Brendan Small needs to come back. He's been absent for far too long. Aziz whipping out all of the 90's band references was pretty great. This episode had the great gem by Stan Lee "KEEP YOUR PENNIES! DONT THROW COPPER AT THAT ONE"
  9. nathanpierce

    Episode 146 — Keep It Clean

    "What were the reindeer's names?" "Well, there's Splants--Splash--uhhhhhh" Howard has been awesome this whole episode, and I pretty much lost it at this point. Fucking hilarious.
  10. nathanpierce

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    A wild Armen appeared!
  11. nathanpierce

    Episode 244 — An Ode To New York!

    Host Gator? Squarespace RIPossible? Love the opening segment between Andy and Scott. It was really funny banter between the two. And the disgruntled WYR was really hilarious.
  12. nathanpierce

    Episode 164 — Olympic Orgies

    Awesome, awesome episode. Poor John Olerud.
  13. I really enjoyed this episode. The story about Ventura and the WWF guys was crazy. And I also didn't realize how crazy the substance was of Startin Something. I have never heard the lyrics. I just assumed I was about two dance gangs starting trouble with each other.
  14. nathanpierce

    Episode 71 — The Glimmer Man

    Jason got so much amusement from only Steven in this movie. And I don't blame him.
  15. This was probably the funniest VPN episode Matt and co. have ever done. Really funny considering the three man team. And Eric The Unpaid Intern delivered the luls.
  16. nathanpierce

    Episode 243 — Blow Me Up, Tom!

    I almost lost my shit once I heard "BOOOOOM BADDA BOO BADDA BOOOOOM WESTWOOD ONE!"
  17. nathanpierce

    Comedy Bang Bang Season 2 Thread

    My favorite recurring character from this season is without a doubt that poster that says "Heavy Metal Music".
  18. nathanpierce

    Episode 53 — Best Of Year One

    Awesome collection of the first year of an awesome podcast. Really good selection of stuff. I would have had to riot if Todd Glass' new anchor riff didn't get put on it.
  19. nathanpierce

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    Yeah, I assume it's been replaced by RIPossible?
  20. nathanpierce

    Episode 242 — Veggie Dongs

    Once I heard "Veggie Dongs", I knew it was going to be the title of the episode.
  21. nathanpierce

    Episode 143 — Normies

    I thought Hal Lublin was taking over for Howard at first.
  22. nathanpierce

    Episode 241 — The Stallone Bros.

    Good to hear that Nick Kroll has expanded his Sly Stallone impression from just "Yo its me Adrian"
  23. nathanpierce

    Episode 240 — #TheWorldsEnd

    TAKE SHOES AAAFFFF! This was such a fun, fun, fun episode. The three played along very well. The Michael Caine/Sean Connery segment was really great, and they were awesome during Would You Rather.
  24. nathanpierce

    Episode 142.5 — TWO CHARTED 81

    Loved the song choices by Howard this week. Especially Tame Impala. Pretty funny episode this week.