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  1. So yeah, I just watched this movie on EPIX HD, and this deserves a good HDTGM treatment. My God. This movie could hang in the rafters of terrific yet horrible films. It's got the basics of your horrible movie: awkward attempts at intentional humor, unintentional attempts at brilliant humor, bad editing, terrible acting, etc. Then it's got the terrible traits that make it unique: doing cocaine on the top of cars in public, unicycle car chases, kids excited over gunfire, naked women thrown out of windows, and racism toward the entire Asian community. Any movie where a man gets magical Kabuki performer powers from kissing a radioactive Kabuki performer deserves an episode dedicated to it. I highly recommend this movie for the podcast, and I joined the forum just to make this suggestion. Love the show, love Earwolf, but yeah, watch this movie if you haven't. And please consider.