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  1. ok, so based off their three appearances, The Bachelor Brothers:


    - Have put Scott on their label

    - Have forgotten Scott is on their label

    - They are 13 year old twins

    - They each have 2 15 year old daughters (Taylor, Lautner, Misogyny, Intolerance)

    - They have the same wife

    - They recorded Silverchair

    - They produced Throwing Copper by Live

    - They came out fucking (Barrett's penis in Benny's butt)

    - They fuck each other in sleeping bags

    - They have no genitals

    - They are apparently rich

    - Their currency is turkey

    - They're worried about child labor laws


    It truly is a lack of consistency in character, babe.


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  2. I think we're now past the point of U2 that I like. I pretty much feel the same way about War as the Scotts do and I do think it's a perfect album. It's really the only album from U2 I like because I feel like it's a good post-punk record that can be appreciated on a bigger scale. I love post-punk stuff and it's crazy to say U2 has one of the best albums of that style, but that's how good War is. I kind of like The Unforgettable Fire (or the "Martin Luther King Tribute Album" as I like to call it).


    By the way, we should be so lucky to get three "I Love Film" episodes.