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  1. Well, I already got a good five minute laugh from the show title. The show's been just as good.


    I was playing this while I was driving. I had the window down. I was at a stop light, and there was this 40 year old something woman who had her window down too. I had the podcast going a bit too loud and I was at the second part of the game show where Chip was explaining the perks of Satan to Dan Lippert's character. The lady in the car next to me I guess heard it and was not pleased. Worth it.

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  2. I'm going to call it: best episode ever.

    It also warmed my heart that someone read some exerpts from Ebert's review of the film, which is one of the best bad movies reviews ever.


    I too will back you up on that call and I'm only twenty or so minutes into the episode. The Clooney/Keaton stuff blew my mind, as well as the connections of bad ice puns. Harmon's the best HDTGM guest ever right now, just because his insight and philosophy is so hilarious and digs so deep into the tone of the film.


    And of course, June is always mind-blowing with things she discovers.