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  1. What if Shayes and Hawn made a whole episode that literally used the CBB format? They've said they will, but it's fallen apart before it even started. They could say Scripps is making them do it like they usually do when they do concept episodes. I think it'd be good, and I have first catchphrase submission: "Ate too many hamburger sandwich, have to hot dog go to bathroom."
  2. Dogs chase cars so they can put their head out the window, but you have to make sure the car you catch has a doggie door.
  3. Due to an anonymous retroactive copyright lawsuit we're legally obligated to change the name of the show from Comedy Doggy Dogg to Comedy Wolfy Wolf.
  4. If you feel like the world is on your shoulders, first, rule out that you're doing a headstand.
  5. Ok, I get that if you dislike Bill Bellamy's war then you're antibellum-y, and that the bailiff on Night Court was so thin due to Bull-emia, but what I don't get is if I use stamps.com after I get off work am I is the post-office now? Welcome to Comedy Capri.
  6. I may have grown up in a simple goatradish farming family, but now I've moved to the big city. I introduce the other men at the homeless shelter where I stay to podcast and make them like and review 5 instead of applying job. Have a sandwich, you'll whither.
  7. Ask your local Laotian Grocer for Kham-Dee Bang Bang by name! Tell em The Lord of EarWolves demands it, and wave your sigil banner: you Kings of Rock 'n' Roll, you Princes of Nelson.
  8. Buddy Valastro has had a family emergency: his father "Cake Pop" has fallen off his stick.
  9. I'm glad teeth don't keep growing like fingernails.
  10. Winner of 2013's Most Mustardy Podcast Award, this is The Hotdog Diaries
  11. If Kelsey Grammar gets loose you better catch Frase.
  12. Just think how much money we waste on clothes since we gave up barrels with suspenders.
  13. Happy Days was filmed in front of a live studio audience. Sad days are spent in bed with the lights off.
  14. The audible vocalizations of a thousand bonobos could be relayed via Ting to attain legal help at their direction regarding interstate postage via stamps.com. B-B-B-B-B-BONUS-S-S-S-S-S Ads!
  15. The success of Meryl Streep's Margaret Thatcher biopic, The Iron Lady, has spawned a prequel that will flesh out her origin story and's coming to theaters in 2014. Unfortunately the name Iron Maiden has apparently already been taken.