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  1. Ashton kutcher is a man-ho who sleeps around with every woman in L.A. Everywhere he goes he runs into someone he boned until he falls in love with a lady version of himself (this happens very weirdly at the end of the movie) but she returns to New York and she's secretly married. He becomes a grocery delivery boy and feeds a mouse to his frog. The End. There is really bad voice over and lots of "L.A. Is ___" nonsense. In the same vein as Californication. Except instead of a successful writer sleeping with beautiful women, you have a character who seduces all the women in L.A. but it would not be surprising if he was functionally illiterate. Some funny amazon reviews too. http://www.amazon.com/Spread-Ashton-Kutcher/product-reviews/B002Q3MZXE/ref=cm_cr_pr_hist_5?ie=UTF8&filterBy=addFiveStar&showViewpoints=0