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  1. I know this is shameless self promotion but I'm a fledgling YouTuber who would love to have some more followers. I'm a long time listener to the podcast and I always watch the movies before listening. I recently watched The Phantom and recorded a reaction video to the movie. I'd love to have anyone take a look and if you like it subscribe. I'm posting this quite a while after the episode aired so this is probably worthless but you never know.
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    This to me is exactly what the show is about. I seriously have always wondered how this movie got made. How did Barry Levinson go from Rain Man to this? How did he go from teaming up with Robin Williams to make Good Morning Vietnam to this? Just plain...how?!?! Plus it features LL Cool J, Jamie Foxx in his feature film debut, Joan Cusack, Michael Gambon & Robin Wright. Military toys, a surreal music video, a deadly "sea swine", killer video games & a stirring speech spoken for the benefit of toys! Need I say more? OH well then ok I will. This is Barry Levinson's sole Razzie nomination. If that doesn't do it, then for the love of god watch the movie.