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    Over The Top

    Over the Top is my favorite shitty movie of all time. Stallone being Stallone surrounded by a slew of crazy ass characters who drink motor oil and wear BLASTER t-shirts. An estranged son who tries to arm-wrestle a kid on a pinball machine. They can't even consistently commit to what Stallone's characters NAME is - is it Hawk or Hawks? THE PEOPLE MAKING THE MOVIE DON'T KNOW. Oh, and on top of the crazy shit in the movie itself, there's still the fact that STALLONE HELPED WRITE IT HIMSELF! "After winning the heavyweight boxing championship and single-handedly winning the war in Vietnam for America, Sylvester Stallone moves on to a real challenge -- arm wrestling -- in this action drama with a family undercurrent. Lincoln Hawk (Stallone) is a long-haul truck driver who years ago abandoned his wife Christina (Susan Blakely) and their son Michael (David Mendenhall). Hawk comes to see the error of his ways and wants to reconcile with his loved ones, only to discover that Christina is in the hospital suffering through the last stages of a terminal illness. Her wealthy and powerful father, Jason Cutler (Robert Loggia), has come to hate Hawk for the way he left his daughter to fend for herself, and he wants full custody of the boy upon her death. But Hawk is desperate to mend his relationship with Michael. He kidnaps the boy, and as Jason's hired goons give chase, Hawk points his truck toward the one place where he can win the money and recognition that will earn his son's respect -- a wrist-wrestling championship in Las Vegas. Actor Sylvester Stallone also co-wrote the screenplay." 36% on Rotten Tomatoes - good enough that a lot of listeners probably know and love this movie but still bad enough to be considered. It's an amazingly entertaining movie. Would love to hear you guys riffing on this amazing pile of shit.