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  1. Here's some stats about Cancer.

    13 million people in the US population currently have or have had cancer.


    Current US population= 314 million

    13/314= 0.0414


    So, roughly 4% of USA population currently has or has had cancer.


    1.6 million people get cancer in the US each year.

    1.6/314= 0.0051

    0.5 % of the human population get cancer each year.


    About 1 out of every 200 people get cancer each year.


    So be sure to scuttle back...





  2. Sorry guys...I think the math was wrong and they only needed to attend about 7 million horse births not 70 million.


    1 horse funeral per week for 20 years,


    52 weeks/year


    52*20= 1040 fighting horse funerals


    Given that 1 in 7000 horses come out fighting and that you must attend the birth of a horse and have them see your face as the first thing when they open their eyes.


    1040*7000= 7,280,000 horse births


    ~7.28 million horse births attended

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  3. Great show!


    Some hilarious jokes that I felt didn't get the credit they deserved. Oh wait I mean remember that time that I came up with these jokes:


    "I have so much stuff to do that I have a not to do list"


    "I have a long term goal to go to the bank."




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  4. I'm a long time listerner and only posted a little negativity becasue I was so suprised that there were so many extremely positive posts for what I thought to be a lackluster episode.


    I think that forums should be a place of democracy and I felt that I couldn't be the only one that really didn't like this episode.


    Being overly positive over every episode only serves to devalue the really great episodes that are really deserving of extreme praise (like any of the episodes with Huell Howser, Jesse Ventura, or Little Gary)


    Love the show in general and love to put smiley faces at the end of sentences. :D

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