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  1. Why can't they combine the shows into one big show at the end of the week? I hate listening to the same introduction conversation with the guest at the begining of each show. My theory would be Andrew does not want ads for some reason and Earwolf would require ads on the longer show. Love the podcast though, this thread is racist, keep it up!

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  2. Yeah, it's gotten kind of crazy around here. I think Jeff has gone power mad from all the reefer. Everyone now has to smoke angel dust before we can even enter the office. He has even started paying us in fake urine. I was there during the recording session where he blew PCP in Matt's face and forced him at knife-point to read the ad against his will. We were all pretty shaken up. I agree comedy podcasts, 4/20 holidays and smoking illicit dope doesn't mix AT all.


    Very thankful for your work, but your being very biased and dissmissive. SDR didn't take back Improv4humans, so its sort of a non-issue now. I think sponsors like this should have Jeff or someone else involved purely in the business side of things take a look at them to see if Earwolf wants them and then give the offers to host to accept/veto. I am 99.9% sure Matt had no clue what the website had besides the weed stuff because he did not look. Maybe everyone at Earwolf is fine with doing ads for whippets/drug test tricking kits, but I would doubt it. I also think the "no sex websites" thing should be reconsidered. Comedy podcasts and adult type stores don't mix AT all in the same way it does not mix with dope. Extreme restraints ads for My Brother, My Brother and Me have become a fan favorite segment that is hilarious and refusing them on principle seems close minded.


    TLDR; SDR no longer a sponsor of I4H, but I feel the way sponsors are accepted and the policy on what sponsors to take is flawed.

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  3. Well first of all a lot of my family is in law enforcement so that is why I would feel weird reccomending this to them, and I maintain (especially if Jeff said they prided themselves on not doing extreme restraints/adam and eve ads) that this just make the show seem shady as fuck. It is selling stuff that is barely stradling the border of legal and illegal. I personally am not offended by the content, just feel like it makes the show feel low-rent and desperate. Matt said he wanted to keep them as a sponsor for a while, voicing this opinion so a mistake could be avoided. I really would love this show to succeed. Also have been listening to earwolf stuff since the first Andy Samberg episode of Comedy Bang Bang and love Gelmania, I'm not a prude. Just thought this was shady.


    TLDR; Did not find the ad to be morally offensive, just a mistake that lowered the show's reputation

  4. I don't know why the show would stoop this low. The head shop ads just make the podcast impossible to reccomend to any friends. I would understand a bit more if it was just bongs and harmless stuff, but does earwolf/the show really want to put its name behind fake urine to trick drug tests (the daily special) and 50 packs of whip its? I can understand the argument that weed is okay, but whip its are pretty screwed up. I mean Comedy Bang Bang is a TV show and certain shows on the network are sponsored by real companies (HBO, Comedy Central, Pepsi for like 2 weeks), does the network still really need to take any sponsor who knocks on the front door?


    TLDR; The head shop ads make the show unprofessional, unappealing and impossible to reccomend to a large majority of my family.

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