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    Dungeons & Dragons (2000)

    Agree, agree, agree. Must do! Posehn would be a great guest; Blaine Capatch—even better!
  2. GiacomoJimmi


    Totally with you on Zardoz. I haven’t even seen it. The trailer traumatised me for days! This is a must episode.
  3. GiacomoJimmi

    Blame It On Rio (1984)

    I haven’t seen this for years. I’m sure I appreciated the boobs when I saw it as a relative youth, but now . . . a movie that is, to paraphrase Pauline Kael, a scarcely-disguised incest fantasy. I think June’s head would explode. And Jason would do the motorboating sound effect at least twice.
  4. GiacomoJimmi

    Episode 60 — Street Fighter

    I knew a guy who worked as an extra on “Street Fighter”. He was ‘playing’ one of Bison’s dead guards in the climax scene. You’d think: easy gig, right? Well, he was actually required to lie upside down on a flight of stairs—not that comfortable for hours of shooting, especially when Mr Van Damme kept blowing one of his lines. And it was something simple like, “Get back there!” (not that surprising, if you look at JCVD’s movies, especially the “Bloodsport” era in which he averaged about five lines per movie). He flubbed take after take until my friend, uncomfortable and increasingly irritated, without raising his head, yelled, “LOOK IT’S ‘GET BACK THERE’, ALL RIGHT!” Set bursts into laughter; director shouts, “CUT! Who said that?” But my friend kept ‘dead’ still, wouldn’t own up to it. This prompts our buddy Jean-Claude to exit the set in something of a huff and decide to retire to his trailer for the rest of the day. If anyone else had told me this tale, I would be dubious; but this is far from the most outlandish story about this guy. And I have seen his antics in person. He is absolutely the type of person who would do this. This story has only enlarged his legend in our eyes. I never get sick of telling it, even if it isn’t my own.