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  1. ABee21

    Episode 400 - The War on Surfing

    I'll also be at the (7pm) Boston show, table 14 on the floor. I'm taking my sister, which will be interesting because as of right now she's never heard CBB. I told her to listen to the Best Of eps, so we'll see how that goes. All joking a salad, I'll be pretty disappointed if she's not into it. I sold her on going by describing PFT as " you've seen him around doing comedy. He has a mustache" and Lauren as " the friendly guard on Oranges: the new black" which is probably the best intro either of them will ever have, right?
  2. ABee21

    Episode 399 - Trump vs. Bernie

    I got 5 minutes into this ep, and then had to entirely skip the Gottfried interview segment. I just can't listen to his voice. I was irritated by him through the whole episode, but Adomian and Atamanuik made it worth listening to. Couldn't help wishing they were on with someone different, though.
  3. I haven't finished the ep yet, but Scott's plan of Lil' Wayne as Garfield doing lasagna news on Weekend Update made me laugh so hard I almost choked. So yea, CBB is off to a good start in 2015 as far as I'm concerned.
  4. ABee21

    "The Sylvester Stallone Podcast"

    Just saw this - looks like Wolfpop is a sort of sister site to Earwolf. Lots of new shows! http://popwatch.ew.c...pop-podcasting/
  5. Todd guessing if he was actually hearing U2 was funny enough...but when Scott got all serious about playing U2 for real and then played the Cheers theme song, I lost my shit. That moment happened just as I walked into the post office and it was dead quiet in there except for my insane laughter. I'm definitely going to refer to U2 as "he" from now on.
  6. ABee21

    Episode 182 — Gandalf Vs. Snape

    Just finished listening to the ep, and I have to say that I'm glad Armen's month is over. I was pulling for him during his first episode, but I just couldn't get behind him. I skipped the next two, and then came back for this one to see if there was an improvement. I don't think we need to pile on and call him the worst, but I just don't think this is the right venue for his humor and general way of being. He tried, though, so I give him credit for that much.
  7. ABee21

    Episode 286 — Time Bobby 3

    I haven't finished the eipsode yet, but I had to point out that "I'm a homeless scamp who lives on the street and I have one of the cleanest B-holes in history" should go on Bobby Moynihan's gravestone as the funniest thing he's ever said.
  8. ABee21

    Episode 285 — Solo Bolo

    I thought this was the funniest ep in a while. Measuring on the "made me laugh out loud like a crazy person while commuting to work" scale, it ranks VERY high.
  9. ABee21

    Episode 85 — Color of Night

    I'm only about 10 minutes in, but I just have to say that I love Jason for so casually dropping a reference to the office where Felicity went to therapy. That's a fairly deep cut, Felicity-wise.
  10. This was easily the funniest episode so far. I can't even pick the best part, because the whole thing was hilarious. I feel like Adam kind of buried the lede by waiting until 20 minutes in to mention that he met Bono. Probably because he was embarrassed that he didn't think to ask Bono for T-shirts.
  11. I kind of liked the guest-less episode, and wouldn't mind having them more often. I remember seeing this movie on TV when I was maybe 11 or so. The only thing I remembered about it was the terrible song. My cousin (who was 4 at the time) was at my house when the movie was on and he was definitely traumatized by it - he sang that song for months afterward. I want to have Jason saying "Everybody's an asshole" as my ringtone.
  12. ABee21

    Episode 215 — Time Bobby 2

    I created an account just so that I could comment on this episode. I've been listening for over a year now, and this was EASILY the best episode I've heard. Four times during my commute this morning I had to pretend to have a coughing fit in order to cover up laughing. No one wanted to sit next to me on the train because I'm sure everyone thought I was very ill. Worth it.