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    EPISODE 370 — The Brochelor

    Make an android app, pretty please. Will happily pay for a subscription as I have felt guilty enjoying Earwolf all this time and not paying or donating a cent. Please take my money. Edit: Checked the right thread and see that you just need time. Fantastic.
  2. I have to say that as far as the music episodes go, the Hallelujah The Hills episodes was not only freaking amazing music wise, but one of your funniest episodes. How the hell someone can complain about it is beyond me. Also, I love how the woman said that you would have no idea who she listens to, when I had never heard of any of the bands/musicians you have had on. You got me hooked on several of the artists that have appeared on your show, and would love to see this staying in the mix. I'm fine with Case Closed. It's dragged out at times, like some people have said, but that would be my only complaint.
  3. Verum

    Episode 282 — Wompster's University

    Is that... Earwolf studios? Looking at the pictures and am very much wondering if they did either a huge makeover with it... Or just recorded somewhere else. Really feel like I'm missing something here.
  4. I really, really hope this one becomes a regular podcast, because I would TOTALLY listen to this at the gym.
  5. Verum

    Episode 199 — Garry Unmarried

    Am I the only one utlerly disgusted by the obnoxious chewing noises? I mean... I can't really listen to it because of that. Very much enjoyed everything up until the "Would you rather", then had to stop or else I would have thrown up.