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    Drawing penises on your face while you sleep.
  1. Naurek

    Sark's Bruce Willis Impression

    I had to back it up and listen like 6 times. I had massive sober giggles listening to that + Bart's version and Blackee's fit of Christopher Lloyd mumbles.
  2. The disgusting descriptions in this episode were awesome. All my flatulence this week made me think of Sark and his tootie flap, taco monsters. I missed Blackie (I don't like when anyone is missing!), but Sir Richard brought it hard this ep.
  3. Naurek

    Episode 22 — Locked In Combat

    The cranky sign off: "You know who I am, and who you are." It was perfection.
  4. Naurek

    Character Drawings

    I signed up to the Earwolf forums just to say these are freakin awesome, I love all the detail. They inspired me to make a cruddy picture (sorry, I haven't drawn in like a decade) of Lord Noral being a douche. I really wanted to Photoshop a gem-encrusted Icee necklace around him, but then this weeks episode ended and I got lazy.