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    Basic (2003)

    John McTiernan is a legend and in honour of him going to prison, I thought it would be fitting to look at his last directorial effort, TWISTS. Sorry, I mean, BASIC. Starring John Travolta and Sam Jackson (almost enough right there), the film starts as a pretty normal, even boring, military-legal thriller like A FEW GOOD MEN but the third act is absolutely bonkers. It's just a series of twists until it doesn't matter if anything makes sense or who gets away with what, you just want to stop the rug from being pulled again. And then they pull it a few more times. Lastly, just look at John Travolta's imdb pic. Got to love the internet. http://www.imdb.com/.../?ref_=tt_cl_t1 EDIT: when I posted, his IMDB pic was him as a woman in HAIRSPRAY.
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    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    This is true. Although, nothing has truly been done until Mantzoukas has done it. The Christmas Special would be good as would the Ewok films as mentioned below.
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    EPISODE 121.5 - Minisode 121.5

    Would love for Paul, June and Jason with guest (and STAR WARS fan) Matt Gourley to do an episode on THE PHANTOM MENACE in tandem with the release of THE FORCE AWAKENS. ATTACK OF THE CLONES is the worst film but punishingly boring where there's fun to be had with TPM. Here's a poster I whipped up this aft. Things get pretty rough with Jason's Qui-Gon beard.
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    A CB!B! live from my house with the same cast (Scott, Jason, Andy and Paul F... although Lauren Lapkus is also welcome to join). EDIT: Would also like to do a GAME OF THRONES podcast with Jason, Paul F., Paul Scheer and June Diane Raphael (if she watches).
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    Because, uh... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s_6I089_mrE
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    Daredevil Problems/Comments

    I think the film suggests that all four of his remaining senses were heightened after the incident, meaning Matt can hardcore parkour thanks to some kind of 'super-touch.'
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    Con Air.

    Simon West's masterpiece that rounds up a bunch of heavy hitters to ham it up on a plane. And as hard as they try, Cage still out chews them all. I used to LOVE this movie. It's so bad. (It and FACE/OFF would make a great double bill.)
  8. I finally got around to watching this pile cause it's on HBO. Wow. I'm surprised it hasn't been done already. After the tedious introduction (which isn't terrible, just boring) it just gets dumber and dumber. Charlize Theron's performance is next level crazy. Her brother's haircut is worth its own episode (and he kind of reminded me of Pete Holmes). Great British/Aussie actors are playing Dwarfs (which is somehow forgiven, as long as its fantasy), the CG/creature work sometimes works and other moments fail miserably (the LOST ripoff, not smoke but, glass monster), the plot has giant holes mostly due to a nonsense love triangle with the pretty boy from Pirates 4. I thought Hemsworth and Stewart were fine (except one bonkers speech from the latter) and probably wish they could digitally replace themselves. And mostly I really, really want to hear June's thoughts on the 'feminist' revision of the classic fable. From what I could figure, the hottest woman's blood is magic. @jessecarp.
  9. I'm Not Awkward man, you're welcome to come anD hang hang!