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    EPISODE 118 - Furious 7: LIVE

    When Jason is hypothesizing F+F 10 will reveal the series to be simply a figment of Dom's twisted mind, Paul interjects "like that documentary ________. Where no. 10 will be like a Rain Man-esque type documentary." What was the name of that documentary? Sounds like Marin Call but I know that's not it.
  2. joemedium206

    Episode 89.5 — Minisode 89.5

    Don't forget about the LEGO Sharknado videogame coming this fall.
  3. joemedium206

    Episode 89.5 — Minisode 89.5

    I can't find Avaryl Halley's Kids Cursing vid. I googled and YT'd it nut no avail. Can someone link it for me? Paul mentioned in the last 4 mins of the mini ep.
  4. I don't have a way to record my voice so I just typed it instead. I think this would be a great scene. Alrighty then. I sat down and started to catch parts of a conversation between two gents sitting behind me in the very last row of seats. We'll call the crazy one Bob and the comedic genius Jack. I'll put Bob's quotes in all CAPS and Jack's all lower case. After listening to a few sentences it was apparent these two had not met until then. The topic of hockey came up. Bob started to explain to Jack that he wanted to become the greatest hockey player in the world. Jack then asked "where do you practice?". Bob replied "OH I DON'T, I HAVE TO LEARN TO ICE SKATE FIRST. BUT I HAVE SO MUCH TALENT I'M GONNA BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD" Jack then asks "how old are you?". "I'M 30". "most players retire at age 35". "I KNOW. IT'S A SHAME."---- Now at this point I really wish I had something to record what was being said cause it was straight gold. It was also around the point of the story where I couldn't figure out if this guy was just delusional or was doing a bit/playing a character until he mentioned being homeless and begging for change earlier in the day. That kinda cleared things up. What was so great about the conversation was the part that Jack played in it all. Any normal person who had gotten this far into it with Bob could clearly tell he was a little nutty and would have withdrawn, maybe even changed seats. Not Jack though. He just kept asking invasive and hypothetical questions that resulted in answers that had me almost tearing up I was laughing so hard. Being only one row ahead of them made it crucial to contain myself cause I didn't want Bob to hear me laughing for the fear that he would clam up and the fun would stop. Here's some more of the Q and A: "so do you own a hockey stick?" "NO, OF COURSE NOT. I'VE NEVER PLAYED HOCKEY. BUT ONCE I START I'M GOING TO BE THE BEST IN THE WORLD AND MAKE MILLIONS OF DOLLARS." "what if it doesn't work out? what if you don't make the team?" "WELL IF FOR SOME REASON IT DOESN'T WORK OUT I'LL JUST BECOME THE BEST FIGHTER IN THE WORLD. OR GET INTO MODELING." "do you own skis?" "NO. YOU COULD GET HURT DOING STUFF LIKE THAT. GOING OFF JUMPS, DOING TRICKS, I DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO HAPPEN TO THESE GOLDEN LEGS." Golden Legs? Did he really just refer to his lower appendages like that? "how are you going to get to new york?" Long pause. "THE SCOUTS. YEAH THE SCOUTS WILL SEE ME PLAY AND THEN I'LL END UP PLAYING FOR THE NEW YORK RANGERS." There was more but it's hard to recall all of it. What made it perfect was how sure Bob was. He spoke with such conviction and clearly wasn't troubled by things like doubt or fear. Must be nice. Also, Jack's timing with his questions was impeccable. If I HAD recorded it, I would have had a hard time convincing anyone it wasn't written and performed. It was that good. I swear they were on that bus just for me, just to make my day. I can tell it a lot better so I hope the typed version at least put a smile on your face.
  5. joemedium206

    Episode 120 — Wild Horses

    Awesome show! I've heard them all and will continue to catch them as they are made available. Keep up the good work!
  6. joemedium206

    Guest suggestions

    Stephanie Szostak
  7. joemedium206

    Guest suggestions

    I'd like to see more Improv 4 Humans on VPN via YouTube. Especially with Lauren Lapkus, Paul Rust, John Gemberling, Brandon Johnson, Jason Mantzoukas and Jon Gabrus. They're my faves. Def love some Horatio Sanz and Ms. Holland as well. In fact, you get so many good guests on I make sure I never miss a show.
  8. joemedium206

    Episode 26 — Lead Singer Syndrome

    i just wanted to say that i listened to this podcast for the first time today and i was not impressed. the people in studio talk over each other too much and didn't stay on topic very well. plus the stories aren't told very well and aren't that interesting. "this 1 rapper, backstage, kicked a fan of his in the head!" or "this 1 rapper, on stage, kicked a guy off stage!". maybe a little more structure would help. it just sounds like 3 guys in a garage talking with robot penises in front of them.