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  1. I've got a boner in my pocket and I'm happy to see you.
  2. bummer dude

    Submit clips here!

    [media=''] [/media]
  3. bummer dude

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    inexplicable but pretty great not sure why it won't embed, but its worth clicking
  4. bummer dude

    Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man (1991)

    "The tuff biker Harley and his no less tuff Cowboy friend Marlboro learn that an old friend of them will lose his bar, because a bank wants to build a new complex there and demands 2.5 million dollars for a new contract in advance. Harley and Marlboro decide to help him by robbing the corrupt bank. Unfortunately they target the wrong safety transport and get hold of an amount of a new synthetic drug. Now they are targeted both by criminal bankers and killers of the drug mob." - IMDB But wait there's more - who are our stars? None other than Mickey Rourke and Don Johnson, with support from Daniel Baldwin and Tom Sizemore. Here's just a little taste:
  5. bummer dude

    Post a play list after the episodes?

    Very cool, thanks!
  6. bummer dude

    Post a play list after the episodes?

    Is there anyway someone can post a play list after each episode. Lots of times you guys introduce real good music I haven't heard before and I want to listen to more of it. But I usually listen on my bike or the train, so I forget the artist/song by the time I get to look it up and don't really wanna listen to the whole podcast again to figure it out. Like in this episode who's the yg/dream combo guy again? Also why isnt shots fired on the earwolf android app?
  7. Can't remember what I was looking up, but I came across this weird/terrible anti-semitic website that happened to be advertising/promoting/noting that improv for humans was going to be in Virginia. There's not really any context, it just quotes the Huffington Post interview with Besser. Anyway here's the site: [link deleted] Pretty weird.