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  1. First choice was Top Secret! but that might be a bit out of date for the younger people. I'm going with The Dust Factory. It appealed to me mainly cause i also quit talking for a while as a child when my grandmother died. So i could relate to Ryan. Also Hayden Panettiere is in it how do you not love that. So lets all go hang in a different dimension. I hope you guys will consider it.
  2. This is such a hard choice. I enjoyed hairspray. I was overweight as a kid and it was cool to see someone being empowered and overweight. However, as a guy there were more overweight famous male role models than women had maybe. Grease though was my gateway to the world of musicals. Being a red neck southern boy finding myself drawn to musicals was an awkward experience. I mean sexy gals and great singing what's not to love. Even today though when i talk to real life people in my area about musicals i get smug looks. Why i love the net was so amazing to know online friends who are straight guys who also love musicals. So grease is wha wha what i want..(sorry)..
  3. docxen

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    Ok loved this movie as a kid and kinda enjoyed the rewatch. Maybe i was remembering it as a kid cause i had a crush on the main girl and Jacki (sp?) growing up and thought Dangerfield was a hoot. Then listening to the podcast i realized how wrong i was to enjoy it. Btw scene where the boys are behind the girl at school talking....how does she not hear them?
  4. docxen

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    i was thinking rocky / Sylvester Stallone
  5. docxen

    Episode 183 - Ladybugs: LIVE!

    yea and you wonder did he watch the other girls strip down?
  6. docxen

    Good Weird Movies You'd Recommend for HDTGM

    Top Secret! best movie ever
  7. I'm sorry about your cat....but i've been very very lonely.
  8. Please quit chewing on THAT ...I may want to have kids one day.