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    getting a tan dick by the pool.
  1. Are any OG hayes-heads gonna be at the taping en Saturdweezl?
  2. sean's wedding looked way more fun than freja's
  3. showshowbro

    EPISODE 124 — Big Apple Bible, Episode 1

    A ) Flatizza B ) Wake me up when it's national men's day, am I right Chanson???
  4. Aww shucks, thanks Joe. I really should start trying to posting some funny good jokes. In other news, I matched with a girl on tinder the other day and YOU were our mutual friend and I said to myself ‘if this girl survived the great joe mcgurl facebook purge of 2015 she must be pretty alright and I should probably take her for a hot meal @ the sizzler’
  5. yo s + h I was on hold but my call dropped. miss u guys.
  6. Remember that part where Besser had good taste in music for a sec?? Was he doing a character?? All this time I thought Besser's ipod sounded like the inside of a Toyota Sienna.
  7. If I wanted to get my post liked, I’d go to the bar…. ….and probably get my post liked on by a chick with some fat bounce castles.
  8. got another siq tattoo earlier
  9. got a new tat. pretty siq, right
  10. showshowbro

    Episode 83 — Nick Kroll, Our Close Friend

    hayes, you were spotted at a luke's lobster in new york last weekend. perhaps you'll be happy to know that they listen to HH in the kitchen, 'cos joe used to work there!
  11. I came to the forums to see if this musical guest was brought on as a joke. Apparently not. That dude is a truly terrible songwriter.
  12. if anyone wants to let an ex-forums legend, current forums nobody that a call-in show is happening next time--I will be accepting fb messies. also, who is hodges boswell??? haven't listened yet so i'm hoping she's the mystery fan at the end... she sent us all fb invites. hit me with a messy, hodges.
  13. showshowbro

    Happy Birthday, Hayes

    First of all -- great video, thanks for including me everybody. The facebook thread that cooked this up was truly epic and it inspired me to turn off banner notifications on my superfast 4g. To answer your question Hayes, the third sign reads: “how to weld when it’s sunny outside.” It’s pretty similar to normal welding….only shirtless. The other dude in the vid has been friends with Joe and I since T-Ball. We convinced him to move out to NY and now we all live together. He’s wants you to know that he’s a huge hayes head. Hope your birthday was swell.