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    Episode 28 — Journalist By Nature

    Get out of town! I've got a Schwimmer based concept brewing as well. cRossroads--a b-list actor who moonlights as a state trooper grapples with 'direction' on camera and on the interstate. It's hard to con a con-artist boys--but you do have me worried. If there's no Reality Show Show how can there be a Reality Show Show Show??
  2. showshowbro

    Episode 26 — Freaks Come Out At Night

    Dunno if you guys watch work of holic but it just sorta clicked for me that this experience was probably the inspiration for that episode where Ders gets jerked off through the pocket by Montez' wife. Or maybe it happened to one of the other writers??
  3. showshowbro

    Episode 26 — Freaks Come Out At Night

    proud recipient of a confirmation email over here scratchin my head. this ting contract looks like a sweet deal--but can it measure up against the superfast 4g??